How to Unbind Yourself.

This post concerns the binding of a single person. Often, people who are bound feel like their life is not their own. Like they are doing things they don’t want to do, or that they cannot do the things their heart demands.

Recently a guest asked how to unbind herself. Her family bound her when she brought a bird back to life as a child. This is for you!

It’s not an easy process to unbind oneself. It’s like peeling back the layers of an especially pungent onion, one at a time. Once you start you need to see it through in order for it to work. So let’s begin.

Before the ritual.

Step 1: Realize you are bound. This may seem redundant because, here you are, reading this post, obviously looking for a way to free yourself.  But there’s more to it. You have magical energies surround you, binding you. See them? Feel them? Visualize them, because you cannot undo binds you cannot see.


Step 2: Take stock. What else will you be unbinding? All the skeletons and secrets in the little boxes in the dark recesses of your psyche will be (at least temporarily) exposed to the light. Are you sure you want that? There will be difficulties, tears, fits, probably some sobbing, and “why?!?!” questioning too.

Step 3: Decide whether or not you wish to seek help from your pantheon. If you do decide to seek help you will need the help of the destroyer. You are, after all, breaking bonds. If you decide to seek divine help set an alter or offering to the destroyer. If you follow the Greek Pantheon – Aries (destruction), Roman – Saturn (change), Hindu – Kali (destruction and change), Celtic – Silvanus (change). If you feel you were bound unjustly you could call on the Norse god Forseti (justice).  Alternately, you can seek the intersection of Voudon – Marinette (spirit who intercedes for those held in bondage), or Catholic – Anima Sola (saint who prays to free those held in purgatory).

If you chose not to seek extra help that’s ok too.

The ritual.

Time for tools ~ a ball of red yarn, scissors.

redyarnStep 1: Leave a tail as long as your forearm, then wrap your left arm from wrist to elbow in the red yarn. Not too tight but tight enough you cannot slip it off your wrist. Leave a forearm length of yarn at the other end too. Cut the yarn and tie the tails together in a secure knot that you cannot untie. This is a physical manifestation of the binds that hold you.

Step 2: In your circle, sacred, or safe space call on your deity or intercessory. Make your offering. Ask for help. If you are going alone, find your center.

Step 3: Close your eyes. Find the end of the magical ties that bind you. Seek it out. I use visualization for this kind of work. You may see, hear, remember, or feel your way to the time and place where your binding started. Remember/visualize how you were bound. See your bound self at the close of that ritual. Open your eyes. Breath. Rest a minute.

Step 4: Close your eyes. See the binds that hold you now. Say OUT LOUD, “I will not be bound any longer.” With your eyes closed unwrap your arm one coil at a time. Slowly. Carefully. Work through any emotional stops that arise along the way.

Step 5: When your arm is free say OUT LOUD, “I am unbound.” Open your eyes.

Step 6: Pick up the scissors. Say OUT LOUD. “I cut this bond.” Cut the yarn. Some people feel that one snip is enough, others feel the need for a little more snipping. Your choice. When the bond is sufficiently snipped, say OUT LOUD, “This bond is broken. I am free.”


If you called on a deity/intercessory give thanks and let go. Open your space. Discard the ties that bound you. You are free.


  1. If you were bound by more than 1 person you may have to do this more than one time. If they are all related to each other you might be able to use variegated yarn, but I’m not sure it would be as effective as individual rituals for each person.
  2. I strongly urge you to cast some protection spells on yourself. You are now fully exposed, fresh meat, so to speak. Protect yourself.
  3. After a week or so do a self-check to see if the binding parties have tried to bind you again. If they have, repeat the ritual. If not – great!

The thing about binding someone is that it doesn’t stop them from being who they are – not on the inside. Your magic is inside you. You can use it to break free.

Brightest wishes!


Balance and Conservatism…or rather: please Go Vote!

So Storybook decided to post her last post and asked me to balance her with my political view…I’m a right centered libertarian which means that I’m conservative but don’t want anybody to tell me how to live my life. Neither does she. I haven’t read her post. On purpose. Storybook asked me to balance her “entirely Democrat pro Bernie Sanders” post with an entirely Republican post in which maybe I could tie in one of my favorite podcasts to connect magic to it…since the name of our blog is Every Magical Day and we do aim for balance and all.

Well… that’s not going to happen. I am registered Republican but I don’t define my political opinions or choices let alone who I vote for by that. I look up the voting record of the candidate if they are or have served in any House of Representatives or Congress, the states have the voting records available too. I want to see what they have voted for rather than what they say they will do. This isn’t easy and it can take time, both to figure out how to understand the material available let alone how to navigate the government websites. But it’s worth it! For those candidates who have not been elected officials I look up what I can on them. You guys are pro’s at navigating the internet and I’m quite sure y’all are well versed at using Google or any other search engine you prefer. Do it. Record whatever t.v. you can’t live without and instead of killing time, research your options.

Many people believe that their vote doesn’t matter. You couldn’t be more wrong. Every voice, every opinion counts. It starts at the local level, like your city then grows into your state then your nation. Although, and I don’t know how this works exactly, there are something called “super-delegates” in some states which can cast their vote however they want regardless of their constituents (us voters). That isn’t right and needs to be corrected to be representative of the people who elect them. But that’s not in all states or half of them. Look up your representative and/or senator and reach out to them. Contact the candidate. They are people just like us and if they give you a response you don’t like: ask your question of another. Perhaps that one that rubs you wrong really does have the same values you hold important its just a presentation that bugs you… or hair…or their drawl… or laugh… or whatever!

I was going to vote for Rand Paul. I was all excited for Oklahoma’s primaries so I could fill in the little box next to his name. But he’s no longer in the race so I have to reassess the remaining options. Like I said, I’m registered republican. I was registered Independent but I want to vote in both the primary and the election. Which brings up the two party system and the issues with it… this blog isn’t big enough nor do I know enough or have enough time (sorry but its true) to address that single political problem. Some people say voting is picking the best of all offered evils. While nobody is perfect I think there are better options than someone who lies and is caught at it (Hillary’s ongoing email investigation) or someone who resorts to dirty tactics (vote for me because I’m a woman – which was about the only semi-positive I could find about Carly Fiorina). To pick on the women. I would love to have a Madam(Mrs./Ms./Miss) President but not because of her reproductive parts. I also don’t think socialism is the best choice for a democratic capitalist nation.  Socialism is fantastic, on paper. Once the human element is added into it, socialism can’t opperate positively because people are very rarely altruistic. I know who will be paying for free Community College and it isn’t only the richest people, I’m included in that. I had to pay for mine because I couldn’t get pell grants. I’m literally just above the income level to qualify, for seemingly any assistance. So I work paycheck to paycheck, saving for emergencies and luxuries (like a new phone when this one which happens to be going on 3 years old dies) and all of my medications (I’m a type one diabetic).  But although I complain about not being able to receive aid, I’m proud that with a little help from my family, I manage to pay all my bills and stay healthy.

That’s my libertarianism coming out. I want to control my own life. I want to be able to decide what brand of insulin I want to be on. I don’t want anybody dictating which meter I test my blood sugar with, because the strips are the cheapest. And I want others to be able to choose for themselves and provide for themselves as well. I want to help my neighbor if he needs it but not the needy in Chicago because there are more than enough in Oklahoma City for me to focus on helping up first. I want the leader of the United States of America to reflect my self motivation and to be an honest person who is willing to trust people who know what their talking about. I would also like this leader to be able to face the economic challenge and work towards fixing it. I am not a fan of big government, I have my carry permit and training to protect myself if I need to (hopefully I will never need to), and who likes taxes? I understand that as a citizen I need to put into the pot to pay for someone else to deal with other nations and focus on invasions of both civil and military natures on my behalf. But that’s not a way for them to get rich or famous. Politics is supposed to be a service to their country. There should be term limits on House and Congressional seats. There should be … fair and balanced… erm. I’m stepping off my soapbox.

What do you want? Look up the candidates. Make your voice heard and please, GO VOTE! In many states you need to contact your Secretary of State’s office to register to vote. In Oklahoma it is the Election Board. Get registered now, because if you wait to long you’ll miss your opportunity to vote for your next president. This is important. Otherwise we wouldn’t have addressed it. 

For those of you who managed to make it this far (over 1,000 words) here is the magical connection: Trump’s wall and the boundary stone of Eyam, Derbyshire, England. Okay not really but I’m working on the black plague and I had to include it. Magically though, we cannot exist outside of the society we are a part of. To keep America a relatively friendly place to all religions we must participate just as much as the atheist or evangelical southern baptist. There is no way that we can safely ignore those who pass laws regulating how we interact and expect no aspect of the negatives of humanity to creep in. That is a fairy tale. The closest we can get is by participating in our government and making sure that others do the same without fear of recrimination if they believe differently.

Now that I’ve ranted. Please feel free to comment but keep in mind that it may be awhile before I get back here. Again, my apologies but I’m living life with less time for the computer. :)


Self Love and Fixing and Bernie Sanders

Dig DeepPolitics aside, this is important. In a magical sense, your self-love determines your self empowerment. The more fully you love yourself, the more you believe in yourself, the more confident you are, the more power you wield. Love yourself in a productive manner that manifests as the change we need in this world. One way to be the force of revolutionary change is to revolutionize the way you see yourself and the world around you. Compromises have their purpose, and sometimes they can pave the way toward amicable solutions. However, too much compromising leads to apathy which leads eventually, to self-loathing. Turn around. Quit the path toward docile passivity and reveal your inner strength. Stand with those who strengthen your voice, and who you in turn strengthen.

Bright Blessings,



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The Power of Black and White Thinking or Why I Love Bernie Sanders

Teenagers, it is said, see everything in black and white. Something is wonderful or it’s awful. I hate you or I love you. Part of coming to maturity, common wisdom has it, is learning to see in shades of gray, the glass half-full as well as half-empty.

If that is so, I am amused to note in my middle-aged self a return to black-and-white tendencies. Could it be that part of the socialization that enables us to see in gray is also a schooling in the fine art of compromise and settling for “good-enough”? If so, it seems that I am less and less willing to settle. My standards are high, for myself and others, and I don’t want to aim lower.

What does that mean? Well, take Love, for instance, since Valentine’s Day is nigh. I have learned, over years of trial and error, that the most important relationship we have is with ourselves. No, that doesn’t mean I’m an egotistical navel-gazer. It means that in order for me to give love to others—whether people or causes—I must love myself first. I must believe that what I have to give is important, and worth sharing.

And I really have to love myself completely, warts and all. That’s where the absolute thinking comes in. If I were thinking about myself in shades of gray, I’d be picking apart what I like about myself from what I dislike about myself. I’d be doing a daily self-critical dance, castigating myself when I don’t live up to my own expectations.

Here’s what I’ve learned in middle age: doing that dance is a huge drain of time and psychic energy. It’s so much better to say, definitely (and maybe a little defiantly): I know I’m not perfect but I do the best I can and I love myself for trying. I love myself, faults and all, because I know that it’s through failure, hurt and disappointment that I learn to be stronger, better, and more lovable.

How Can We Love Ourselves?

In so many ways it seems that we live in a disposable society. It’s not just diapers and plastic cups we’re throwing away; it’s people and places too. It’s life itself we trash without even noticing. Thinking in black and white, I’d say that’s just not acceptable.

The litany of suffering caused by modern industrial human civilization is long and grievous. You know what I’m talking about, I don’t even have to get into the ugly specifics of species extinctions, animal torture, human-on-human brutality, environmental devastation, disease and anthropogenic famine.

This is the thing: can I know this about human society, my society, and still find it in myself to love us? To love us enough to want to spend my life working to make us better?

I suppose this is why the Christ story has had such a hold on human civilization for so long. Christ died for our sins; he loved us enough to sacrifice himself willingly to remind us to try to live up to a higher expectation of ourselves.

But I am not talking about sacrifice, violence, pain and death, the language of Christianity. I’m talking about love for oneself and everything in the world around us—the language of animism and Buddhism, seeing the world as Gaia, an intricate living organism to be cherished, cultivated and loved deeply and absolutely.

We humans are Gaia’s children. We sprang from her and have been one of her most fabulously successful creations. It is a marker of our success that we are now severely over-populated, to the point where we must either discover new, more harmonious ways to sustain our society, or face species collapse.

I want to believe that we can love ourselves enough to recognize our tremendous potential as a species, and work hard to move ourselves to the next level of awareness.

This is not the time to do the self-castigating dance of “I love me, I love me not.” We need to acknowledge our failures and weaknesses but use them to enhance our awareness of what is good and positive in us. Knowing what we don’t like or want enables us to understand more powerfully what we like and want. That’s the power of black and white thinking.

How Much Do We Love? Revolution vs. Reform

There’s a reason most revolutions in human history have been carried out by young people who have not yet settled into the complacency or despair of “shades of gray” thinking.

Although modern education, in America at least, does its best to indoctrinate children to be compliant and docile, still there are always young people who insist on thinking for themselves and pushing the adults around them to wake up and do what must be done to make the world better. We saw that in the Occupy movement, we’re seeing in now in the Black Lives Matter protests, and, in a very destructive way, we see it in the young jihadists and school shooters who take up arms in violent protest of the way things are.

There’s a reason Bernie Sanders is building such runaway support among young people, and among the young-at-heart older folks too. He’s appealing to our idealism—our stubborn belief that we don’t have to compromise, that we can reach towards creating the world that should be, rather than settling for the fallen and corrupted world that is.

When Hillary Clinton says “I know how to compromise and get things done,” that’s shades-of-gray, middle-aged thinking. Barack Obama went into the White House repeating that refrain, and tried repeatedly in his early years as President to reach out to Republicans for compromise. He has been resoundingly rejected—the Republicans, school-boys that they are, insist on seeing the world in black and white, their way or the highway.

Maybe it’s time for the Democrats to do the same. Maybe it’s time for us to love and believe in ourselves enough to allow our own brand of black-and-white thinking free rein. Bernie Sanders, with his uncompromising social justice platform, his refusal to play the usual political PAC money game, his defiant, teenage idealism packaged in an unlikely white-haired body, is showing us the way.



Finding the Goddess with Glenys Livingstone

The following content is by Glenys Livingstone PhD first posted on “Feminism and Religion,” a scholarly blog I read. Glenys shares her experience of the triple goddess across pantheons and the cyclical year. Her experiences ring true to my ear, and although I carry a mutable, more gender fluid trinity in my heart, I can feel the reality of the feminine as a (the?) creative source. As always – my faith is a journey, I am evolving and learning and changing. I am in no way trying to influence you. I’m just sharing. Anyway, point is, I thought you might enjoy this post as much as I did so I’ve copy / pasted the body of the post and annotated it in orange text. You can also click here to read the original post.

Re-creating a Gynocentric Cosmology: Situating Myself by Glenys Livingstone

GlenysI am an inventor, a mythmaker, who has received/taken remnants of her indigenous religious heritage, and newly available parts, and spun and woven new threads, fabrics and stories.[i]

 My method of approach has been informed by my deep personal involvement … my need to “place” myself here – as feminist philosopher Luce Irigaray suggests that woman needs to do.[ii]

 Irigaray said that woman is not situated, “does not situate herself in her place,” that she serves as a thing and is thus nude.[iii] I have intuitively felt the need to “clothe” myself, to find the Place within me, to move from object to sentient subject.[iv]

(I have the need overcome societal objectification too, but for me the analogy works in reverse. I feel the closer I come to understanding my place in the cosmology the more layers of society I remove from my person. I am stripping away years eons of patriarchy and revealing the divine feminine.) 

The way the Cosmos was for a white girl child of Western European descent growing up in country Australia, with Protestant religious teachings, was a place surveyed scrupulously by a vengeful Father God, who was at the same time spoken of as the epitome of Love. What did that do to one’s understanding of Love? How does a woman – or any person – become functional within such a cosmology?

(Hahaha, I know right…)

I did eventually uncover that this father god was deeply divorced from an earlier Earth-based heritage that had been completely covered over within the Protestant reality … a heritage that had a Female form, which I became very hungry to know. The journey has been Home.

(This happened for me, when I was 15 and let loose in the public library. In reality though, a part of me had always known that a father like the Protestant God I knew could not parent alone, effectively. This is perhaps because of my own family situation and the personalities of my own parents. I witnessed the care-giving aspects of my mother and the inability of my father to connect with us. Mother was the parent. Father lived with her. Not once, did she say “Wait until your father gets home.” She took care of everything having to do with us. He was for all intents, nonessential after conception.)

I was a religious young person with a heart seeking the essence of a sentient Cosmos, but blind to the androcracy of the offered teachings and texts. My feminist awakening came in the late 1970’s via the early writings of philosopher Mary Daly.[v] There began the conscious search and passion for a cosmology that included and embraced me and my female kind fully:

The Form and the Shape that they sought
was not in any Atlas.
Her gaps had been covered up,
Her hollows filled in,
Her name blanked out.
She lay buried beneath things, silent,
but with a detectable visceral pulse.[vi]

Admonished and encouraged by Monique Wittig’s famous: “Make an effort to remember. Or, failing that, invent”,[vii] I eventually became bold enough to assume such a task – the task of re-creating a gynocentric cosmology in which I could situate myself. I had no plan, just a felt necessity that drew me on – it was completely organic.

(The library excursion that opened my eyes came in the form of astrology. I checked out a stack of books and was later admonished by my Grandmother. She wrote a list of Bible verses explaining why I should leave astrology alone. Beginning with Isa. 47:8 she guided me to the fall of Babylon, but I was struck by the admission “perhaps you will succeed” Isa. 47:12. Then she pointed me to Dan. 2:1 when the King seeks the advice of occultists. I was shocked by the King’s threat, “I will have you cut into pieces and your houses turned into piles of rubble” Dan 2:5, and realized that the astrologers might lie about upcoming events in fear of their lives. And the list goes on, each example only strengthening my resolve, and piquing my interest. )

The process has included three qualities: (i) the transformation of making Space to Be … much had to be broken down, dismantled, and debris removed; (ii) the dedication to the sacred Urge to Be – daring the journey and; (iii) the creating of a dynamic Place to Be … being in communion with others, growing and in-forming each other with new knowledge. A gynocentric cosmology was spun from remnants and newly available parts, and ceremoniously embodied in sacred space through her full cycle of creativity – the Seasonal Moments expressed in my place on the planet … in a process over decades. Early on I sensed the power of ceremonial concourse with Her, the power of creating ceremonial space that participated in Her full cycle of Creativity, wherein She could be spoken, sung and danced into being. The sentient cosmos honors this: She is a relational reality, loves attentive con-versation.

Over years I have developed a Poetry and aesthetics for the Solstices, Equinoxes and cross-quarter days, based in the work of Starhawk,[viii] yet re-created with celebration of Her as the creative dynamic unfolding the Cosmos. I wrote:

… I am not referring to a “feminine” part of the Divine, nor to some complementary partner to the Great Mystery, nor to some “half” of the Creative Principle of the Universe. When I speak of Her, She is a name for the whole Creative Principle.[ix]

The unfolding gynocentric cosmology was/is grounded in Western European Pagan/indigenous tradition, linked to story of the unfolding universe – Cosmogenesis, and in particular expressed with female metaphor … triple Goddess poetry: unfolding as a Poiesis of the creative cosmos, the making of a world. I wrote a doctoral thesis on it. I spoke of Her as the Female Metaphor.

(Similarly, I created little spaces, moments, and places to honor Her as the seasons changed. I was not led by Starhawk, but by and internal calling and Madonna (of all people). My first pregnancy coincided with the wheel of the year and my daughter was born on Beltane. The year preceding her birth I listened to Madonna’s Ray of Light CD on repeat. The spirituality of her songs was magic to my ears, but my journey was still small and secret. I feigned Protestant faith and worried over the state of my soul.)

It began with a passion to know Her as the Name of the Cosmos – the Mantra Matrika, by which the universe is spoken into being.[x] I desired to study Her three qualities – as the patriarchs had (struggled) to do for their trinity, for their version of Her: I had a passion to fathom their significance.  Self-described “geologian” Thomas Berry described three qualities of Cosmogenesis … the process by which Western science understands the universe comes into being,[xi] and I identified these three qualities with Hers: Her triplicity with essential cosmological creativity. Brian Swimme and Thomas Berry call these three features of Cosmogenesis “cosmological orderings of the creative display of energy everywhere and at any time throughout the history of the universe.”[xii] They say these three refer to the “basal intentionality of all existence” and they are “beyond any simple one-line univocal definition”.[xiii]They are highly complex, interconnected and ongoing processes. And so She is.

(The desire to go back in time to a more pure faith, to find the original truth, grabbed me too, and I took my first step. From Protestantism I journeyed into Catholicism and began attending RCIA – become a Catholic – classes. The love for Mary as a quasi-divine counterpart was refreshing, and the inclusion of so many female saints was great too!  Then I “met” St. Brigid. She was so painfully, obviously, more than what the church presented. She was my cross-over goddess.)

The triple spiral motif, the triple goddess, many triplicities around the world may express this – the nature of Her creative unfolding of the Cosmos in every moment. And She may be celebrated in a year long process of seasonal creativity as Earth orbits our Sun: I translated a devotional practice of such celebration to my place in the Southern Hemisphere, in Australia. The consistent sacred space became a Gaian Womb, a sacred site, that has held and nurtured many.

(Brigid too! She is a triple goddess consistently waxing, at height, and waning… Examples of triplicity began to jump out at me. I saw Her three-fold form everywhere.  There was no going back to patriarchy. I couldn’t believe in something that felt so incomplete.)

The path over the decades has been long and winding. (For me too, in a good way.) Robin Morgan’s poetry has nursed me since early times:

I am learning.
The cord is wrapped around my throat.
I am learning.
The passageway is cramped and blind
I am learning
though Kali dances through it, past
where Demeter still seeks Persephone,
where Isis searches for the fragments of Osiris, where I wade upstream through a living current
which seizes me and drowns me into life,
pumping, pumping, as from a giant heart
whose roar I have called Mother in my dreams.

What do you remember?
What is it that you long for still?

Oh let me hear you hear
me speak oh
speak to
me oh let me[xiv]

 I continued:

O One who Hears
Let me Speak

What is it that
Wants to be Spoken?

O speak to me o
speak o
hear me  speak you

am given, received … Met[xv]

And so, it is.
May each find Her reciprocity:
We are/She is creator and created, always at the same time.

© Glenys Livingstone 2015

So there you have it. The triple goddess in one of her infinite forms calling to another soul. Not just you, or me, or Glenys, but each of us if only we stop and listen.

Hope you’ve enjoyed these annotations. If you enjoyed this post, click LIKE and I’ll make more like it!

Until next time,


Super Moon Blood Moon Eclipse, Hello Mama


moonSo the eclipse is tonight. The earth will block the sun from shining on the moon. The US expects a beautiful event and I am pretty excited! This is a perfect time to honor the earth as she begins her autumnal slumber. If you are in a city, a great way to turn your viewing into a ritual is to go to a park. Simply watch the eclipse at a park with and touch the earth. Tonight she is so great and powerful she eclipses the sun. Feel her energy flow into you through direct contact. Lay down on that bright green grass, that leafy lane, that yellow fall carpet. However you decide to get in touch with the mother you will feel her energy transfer into you. You’ll leave the viewing feeling more grounded and secure in your life.

This is a perfect time to wrap things up. If you’ve got a project you’re one step from finishing – do it now!  We’ve been in Mercury retrograde for ten days now, so things may seem like they are taking longer than they should be – but tonight’s eclipse will help you muscle through. Take down those summer things and store them until next year. Finish that resume, that CV, or that letter and send it off!  Quit the bad relationship, fire the lazy employee, donate those summer clothes you never wore. Tie up the loose ends before the the eclipse.

Here’s a handy time chart from

We plan to watch from the front porch but something tells me we’ll spend a fair bit of time whirling devilishly in the yard. We might even roast some marshmallows and make some s’mores. Delish!

Until next time,


Free Printable Pagan Planner Stickers

chibisSo I’ve been using planners for years, like 19 years. I quit decorating them when I graduated high school. They are a functional part of my day that helps me stay on top of things. Recently I notice a trend in planner usage, specifically planner decorating. My planner is functional but not pretty – well, until recently.

Decorating is contagious. A month ago I added some Highlights smiley stickers left over from when my kids were little. Three weeks ago I started adding cute little chibi doodles to my weekly spreads. Then I got a roll of washi tape, then another, then another. This week I started keeping my to-do list in my planner instead of on my computer. Turns out I like the old school pen and paper system better.

I also started watching youtube videos and checking out the #plannergirl #plannergeek #plannernerd #plannercommunity on Instagram. I’m hooked on all the pretties! The washi tape and the stickers and the cuteness!

Well, kind of.

I’m not really a cutesy kind of person. I like a little bit of cute but too much makes me gag. So I started looking for pagan-ish seasonal motivational stickers. There are numerous bumper stickers but scant few planner stickers. So, I made two sheets of 2 inch planner stickers. You can have them. For free. Yay! If you are not into the planner thing – maybe you can print them for your diary/journal/calendar/wall/or whatever!

Most of the images are from Pinterest or Instagram, some of them (Lammas) are of my own design. If the image had a copyright I did not remove it. The images are set to print on 8.5 x 11 inch paper. I use sticky paper to make it easy but you can also print on regular paper and use a glue stick, or tape for adhesive.

print me

printme2Additionally, I made the following sheet for marking the moon signs as they cycle. One page has enough stickers for the whole year. Easy-peasy.


Hope you enjoy the stickers as much as I do!

Happy Late Summer,


For the Dog Days


Are you as tired of the heat and of summer as I am? Well, trust that we are not alone in our feelings. Hilda Doolittle felt the same way in 1916 when she wrote this wind spell of a poem. She titled it “Heat.”

O wind, rend open the heat,
cut apart the heat,
grapesrend it to tatters.

Fruit cannot drop
through this thick air –
fruit cannot fall into heat
that presses up and blunts
the points of pears
and rounds the grapes.

Cut through the heat –
plough through it,
turning it to either side
of your path.

This poem is very like a spell. First Hilda summons the wind, then she delivers her orders – and that’s only the first line. She’s got the repetition of three in the first stanza, and then she repeats her directions in the closing stanza three more times. Do you hear the casting going on here?

In the middle stanza (again note the triple form represented in three stanzas) she’s on and on about the fruit that’s not quite ripe. It cannot fall through the hot and humid air, not quite yet. By noting the natural world she is turning the wheel of time, willing the fruit to ripen, willing the wind to blow, willing the land plowed under after the harvest.

One hundred years ago most people lived within the cycles of nature. It was easier to see the wheel of time in the earth. There were no grocery store tomatoes in December, and no fresh wheat in March. Hilda’s poem and our wishes/spells/prayers for the return of the cool fall breeze are spinning the great wheel. Let’s read the poem again and spin a little faster shall we… I’m ready for leaf-fall.

Bright Blessings,

Sacred Geometry

Hello Friend!

So, as it turns out, the “Any Questions?” page is really popular. A number of people have contacted us with questions and thoughts. There are many ongoing conversations about various aspects of deity, of magical practices, and of manifestations of magic(k)al energies here in the everyday world. One such conversation includes questions about sacred geometries. I don’t know a lot about the subject, but I did a little looking and this is what I’ve found…

Sacred geometry denotes a belief in a creator of mathematical ingenuity.  That creator (we’ll call the deity Architect) was discovered sometime in prehistory. Ancient Chinese applied geometry to music and later, Pythagoras did too. Before the Ancient Greeks began building their temples and public buildings, the ancient Egyptians and ancient Indians used geometries in their sacred temples, and sacred art, and yogic practices. All three societies leaned heavily on architectural geometries, Indians for earthly placement of temples and objects within temples, Egyptians for astrological placement, and Greeks for the bending of geometry for perfection in appearance as opposed to perfection on the level. Plutarch, an Ancient Greek Essayist, recorded Plato saying that the Architect “geometries continually” although Plutarch admits the phrase is not recorded in any works Plato wrote himself (Goldstein 235). So we know sacred geometry – as an idea – stretches into the Ancient past.

Why people noticed the golden ratio when hunting and gathering in prehistory is anyone’s guess. I’ll postulate that the golden ratio was as pleasing to the eye of pre-agricultural humans as it is to us. On the most basic level, symmetry is an indication of health. The healthy baby has two arms, two legs, and twenty digits. The hand itself is a nautilus. When you look at your palm, fingers outstretched you can trace the spiral from the center of the palm out along the first knuckles, then around again on the second knuckles, around to the top of the thumb and third knuckles of the fingers. From the third knuckle forward our fingers reach into our reality, beyond the geometries, into our experiences.

sacred geometry

During the 17th century sacred geometry served as a scientific “proof” of an intelligent designer, who drafted the universe in its mathematical complexity of fractal associations. But the idea was abandoned when the great shifts in ideology led to the separation of church and science. Over many years of turmoil, the separation permitted the scientific community to explore the world from the center of understanding (their own sense knowledge) outward; toward the microcosms of sub-atomic particles, and toward the multiverses of astrophysics. The scientists were freed from the imposed rule of the church, that all originated from deity and the idea that “Man is the center jewel of God’s universe.”

Today, sacred geometry is linked with the idea of souls traveling from a higher dimension, down a spiral, to our own dimension. Once here, the soul experiences a projection of reality through physical senses. Our appreciation for the golden ration (Phi), and the archetypal understanding of the sphere as a unity, the square as a proof that a thing can be more than the sum of its parts, and the pyramid as a powerful object d’art, are all echoes of the descended soul’s knowledge. A small child knows a beautiful face when it sees one. How? The child recognizes the golden ratio.

Using sacred geometry in magic is similar to the use of symbols and sigils. You can study the meaning of basic and complex shapes then incorporate them into your sacred spaces to amplify the aspects of those shapes in your magic work.

So, the big picture, as far as I understand it, is that all of everything is connected – as evidenced by the similarities in a snail’s shell, and a spiral galaxy. You and I are part of everything and everything is part of us too, because we share in the geometry of physicality. That physicality is an expression of the divine made into light and matter.

For more specifics about sacred geometry check out these links:

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Goldstein, Catherine. ed. The Shaping of Arithmetic after C.F. Gauss’s Disquisitiones Arithmeticae. New York: Springer, 2007. Google Books.

The Goddess Burnt Me

Dear Friend,

Hi, hello! How are you?

So the other day my husband worked a spell. For the first time ever. No kidding. He has watched me use magic and work spells. He saw the results too, so the belief was there. Actually, he did not want to work the spell at all, he wanted me to work a spell for him. That is the way magic works in our house. He, or one of the kids asks me to spin a spell and I tell them what I need. They gather materials, I clean and consecrate a space, then they go and hide while I spin the spell. But, the other day, I was cranky and the last thing I wanted to do was work a spell. Instead of telling him what I needed to do the work I told him,

“Why don’t you do it?” Like I said, I was cranky.

He heard my tone and walked away, let down, dejected, irritated, back to his office. About fifteen minutes later I felt a tingling in my fingertips, a fire crawling up my arms, through my body and down my legs. I set down my work and asked my son if he was hot. He said no, and I wondered if I was having my first hot flash. I’m only 35. I should not have those, yet.

At that moment, my daughter opened her bedroom door and walked into the living room,

on fire“Mom” she said, “What’s going on?”  I turned to face her and she said, “You’re all red! Are you okay?”

Before I could respond, my husband came, practically skipping, down the hall chanting, “It worked! It worked!”

He spun his first spell, and it worked the way he intended, with the side effect of catching me on spiritual fire. When he joined us in the living room, he repeated my daughter,

“You’re red. Are you okay?”

“I’m very hot,” I said, “I need some water. What did you say in your spell?”

While I got a glass of water he explained his spell, which was not really a spell at all. He said he did not use any props, or tools, but instead prayed to the Universe and the Goddess. He said he cleaned off his desk and closed all the tabs on his desktop computer, except his business account page. Then he asked her for business help so that he could take care of his family. He asked for something to sell, anything, so he could continue to provide for his family. He sold a number of items in five minutes and came out to tell us.

With the cool water soothing my internal fire, I laughed. I mean, how unfair is it that his very first communique with the Goddess and the Universe had such tangible results! I was also really happy to see how strong his faith in the Goddess is, in her magic, and his knowledge that she is really listening. It was funny too, that he manifested fire because he is a water sign; sun, moon and ascendant. I suppose it is because his exposure to magic has always been fire magic because I am a Leo witch.

But the heat I felt, that spiritual fire got me to thinking. We witchy types talk about the exchange of energy, the unseen consequences, the fact that nothing is free, energy is nether created nor destroyed only moved around, but how often do we feel that? How often do we really contemplate the cost (in discomfort, in energy, in shift of life force) of magic? That day I woke in an angry funk and I needed to burn the negativity out of my blood but I did not know how. My husband and his desire, his need to provide for us led him to ask for help being a better provider. Does my mood affects his ability so that the Goddess saw it necessary to banish my negativity with fire in order to help him? The interconnectedness of the magical world is more complex than I will ever understand. There was quiet a bit of negativity in me that day, and it really did burn when she banished it and brought laughter into my life. I am so grateful. Thank you Goddess of the Universe for working your magic through us.

Until next time!




Letters For You.

letterDear Friend,

Pyper and I have no obligation to blog. That is part of the reason for the infrequency of posts, yet occasionally, we find it rewarding to look back on the previous years and re-learn the magic we’ve forgotten. In an effort to blog more often we’re going to invest less time in each post. Instead of the 500+ words focused on a single topic with research, and links, and fancy pictures, and blah, blah, blah – We’re switching to a “letter to a friend” style. If you are uninterested in that, please, feel free to unsubscribe. No hard feelings.

If you’d like to be a part of our letter blogging then consider us friends, and feel free to write back. Perhaps you’ve got a long lovely letter writing style, or maybe you are more into post cards. Either way it would be a treat to hear from you.

Until next time,

S & P


Earthing in the Rain [Video]

I call it connecting, unplugging, or grounding depending on the reason I do it. A new fashionable name for it is Earthing – with a not so scientific backing… but the practice is useful for wellness and health and coming down after craftwork. Let’s go walking in the rain.


Spring allergies? Dandelion Potion to the Rescue!

No really, I’m not kidding. So, go outside and pick ten dandelions from a safe spot; no pesticides, herbicides, or animal poop. Boil a cup of water. Add the washed dandelions to the cup. Steep for seven minutes, strain. Add two tsp. of sugar if desired (we like it sweet here). Drink.

aThis dandelion recipe works as a preventative. If you have a cup a day, or every other day, your body will not be so sensitive to the local pollen. It’s the same as ingesting local honey to lessen your allergies, only not so pricey.

To make a batch of concentrate that will tide you over for more than a day, pick more dandelion flowers. We picked 185 and did some rounding…  This recipe will make enough concentrate for 18 hearty cups.

Rinse the flowers.

Boil 4.5 cups of water.

Add flowers to water, stir, remove from heat, let steep for 10 minutes.





Add 2/3 cup of sugar.

Stir to dissolve.

Pour into a jar and store in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.


To reconstitute: Add 3/4 of a cup of water to 1/4 cup of concentrate. Enjoy!



celtic snake

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celtic snakeToday was a beautiful spring day and I had to get out and feel the Earth speak to the soles of my feet. Know what I mean?

Remember to wear green tomorrow!

Happy Early Pádraig’s Day!

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blue gerbera daisy

A Visualization/Meditation for Better Communication

blue gerbera daisyHi, I’m Mouse.  (:  Storybook is my mom, and Pyper is my aunt.  I’m an earth witch, and today I’m going to share a throat chakra meditation. ★

The throat chakra is the communication, speaking, and singing chakra.  Its color is blue, and its element is air.  One way to have increased effectiveness in your words is to open and clear this chakra before you speak/sing/write/etc.

Below is a visualization to help with both of those things:

  • Find a quiet place to sit or lie down.
  • Start breathing in deep breaths, and feel your energy settle into the throat area.
  • Close your eyes if it feels right.  Let your muscles relax, and tell any stress/tension to hit the road.
  • Now, feel the thought of a soft blue light enter your mind.  Let that blue light settle down into the throat chakra.  Feel it emanating and radiating from your throat.  Feel it grow stronger, and feel it start to spin in a clockwise direction.
  • A blue flower will come out of the light.  For me, that flower is a light blue daisy.  Yours might be different.
  • Feel its petals start to open.  You may wish to physically help the flower open by bringing your fingertips to the approximate location of your chakra, and lightly dragging them along your skin in an outwards manner.  The flower will be open when it feels open.
  • Let any blocks drift away.
  • Meditate on your now open and clear throat chakra for a few minutes, then slowly bring yourself back into the world.  Open your eyes.
  • Your words have added power when your throat chakra is open.  Be careful what you say, write down, or think.  You are speaking in your magical voice.

Stay safe!

You are more powerful than you think.


traditional meditation

Past Life Research Part 4 – Traditional Meditation

traditional meditation

The Meditation…

There are a million-and-one sites covering the basics of traditional meditation so I am only providing a quick step by step guide here:

  • get a pen and paper
  • think of your past life question
  • get comfy
  • close your eyes
  • focus your breath
  • go within
  • dive into the pool, land on the bottom, realize you can breathe and there is another pool before you
  • dive into the pool, land on the bottom, realize you can breathe and there is another pool before you
  • dive into the pool, land on the bottom, realize you can breathe.
  • Where are you?
  • what do you see/smell/taste/hear
  • feel yourself rising, floating, swimming up, climb out of the pool
  • feel yourself rising, floating, swimming up, climb out of the pool
  • feel yourself rising, floating, swimming up, climb out of the pool
  • open your eyes
  • write down everything you can

It looks pretty easy here, but meditations are lessons in patients. You have to go within yourself, your deepest subconscious must open itself to an existence before this one. Give it time! I would repeat this meditation six times – at least – for best results. You may also have to dive through more pools; everyone is different.

A few days ago…

Pyper and I were talking about telling the difference between past life recollection and instinct. After some discussion we narrowed down the physical and emotional responses we experience when a past life memory pops up, versus the physical and emotional responses triggered by an instinct. There are differences between the experiences for us and those differences might help you determine what kind of experience you are having.

A past life recollection for Pyper might include inexplicable muscle memory. Pyper works with cord and knot magic. Sometimes she’ll be weaving, only to look down at her warp and weft and see a knot that she is unfamiliar with. She tied it with a specific set of colors and with specific intent – but the physical manifestation is a knot she did not know she knew. Her hands knew the knot better than her waking mind. This type of muscle memory – when your hands know what to do before your brain does – is a past life recollection.

I read old texts – not just the alchemist’s notes and the saint’s calligraphy, but boring bookkeeping too. The other day I was doing handwriting shorthand research and saw a symbol-word in a 500-year-old+ text. I knew what it meant without previous exposure, well, at least no exposure in this lifetime. At the end of the line I went back to double-check my understanding and *saw* the symbol-word and realized I was unfamiliar with it. To test my inexplicable memory of the symbol-word I snipped and Google reverse image searched the item. It took a while but eventually, I confirmed my memory.

For both Pyper and me, past life recollection results in an emotional “Oh I remember,” kind of feeling. It’ is very similar to when you remember the actor’s name in a movie you saw ten years ago – or the song lyrics that follow the chorus – or the author’s name to that one book with the girl who moved mountains. The feeling is very similar to any memory recall.

Comparatively, instinct feelings are more rewarding. For Pyper and me, instinct is like a hunch that will not shut up.  Sometimes it is an itch at the back of the brain, or a wave of urgency, or a curious sensation that makes us squint one eye and lean-in to hear better. Instinct, for us, is a thought followed quickly by “what if,” or a “hmm” of doubt. When our instinct is talking we always double-check it. It is always a guess. The emotional response to a correct bit of instinct results in an emotional “ah-ha! now I know,” kind of feeling.  The instinctual feeling is close to the feeling that comes when you understand something new. It is a feeling more akin to the feelings of discovery. Eureka!

Well, we have made it to the end of the Past Life Research project.
Hope you enjoyed the journey as much as we have!

free writing

Research Your Past Life Part 3: Free Writing

free writing In previous Past Life Research posts, I pointed out that the subconscious is a wellspring of hidden information. One way to tap into that spring is through free writing. As opposed to the image recall technique, this draws on the creative sections of the brain, at least to get the ball rolling. Instead of shutting down your imagination, you want to use it as a spring-board to dive into your subconscious. Before you begin, form a question in your mind – then start writing. According to Former English chair of the Missouri University of Science and Technology, Gene Doty, “Free writing is a simple process that is the basis for other discovery techniques.” He outlines these steps to get started:

  • Write nonstop for a set period of time (10–20 minutes).
  • Do not make corrections as you write.
  • Keep writing, even if you have to write something like, “I don’t know what to write.”
  • Write whatever comes into your mind.
  • Do not judge or censor what you are writing.

You do not have to write longhand but you can if you want. You can also use shorthand, type, or scrawl (like me), or record yourself speaking. No matter how you record this exercise – it will show glimpses of your life, and your previous lives. Don’t over think. Just let the words flow. Doty encouraged his students by reminding them that, “if your free writing is neat and coherent, you probably haven’t loosened up enough,” and he’s correct. Free writing is a mess of rambling thoughts – some connected, some not. Just let your mind wander into the depths of your subconscious to see what it can see. It may take more than one attempt to get past your inner critic or active imagination, but don’t give up. Doty offers one more piece of interesting advice that can help your free writing cut loose: “Drop all punctuation.”  Up until the 1700’s there was no standard spelling or punctuation guides for English speakers. Your free writing is not a final draft, and the secrets you’re seeking might be in a different grammatical structure anyway. Don’t worry about the spelling, and don’t worry about the grammar. Keep writing. Just keep swimming deeper into your wellspring. When your twenty minutes are up, reread your question and look back over what you have written. Did you find your answer?

For more tips from the late Professor Doty click-through:

image recall

Research Your Past Life Part 2: Image Recall

image recall

This technique is less about remembering and more about accessing. When studying for exams, or trying to remember the name of that lady you met the other day – people can, and often do, spontaneously engage in image recall. This technique, like the others, gets easier over time.

The woman you met – what did she look like?  Putting a face with a name helps people remember more about that person and the event at which they met, and why they might want to remember them. Perhaps you found that woman interesting, or maybe she told funny stories, or perhaps she has experience with a DIY project that lurks in your future. The neat thing about researching your past life (or lives) is that you have a wealth of experiences locked up inside your subconscious. Even if this is your first go round, there is a plethora of information locked up in the collective unconscious and it’s accessible.

Image recollection is similar to word association. It involves trusting yourself and shutting down your imagination. Our imaginations can provide us with a myriad of images pertaining to almost any situation by flooding our minds with connections, real or imagined. In order to shut down your imagination do fifteen route tasks like standing then sitting, or slowly clapping, or ten route math problems. No kidding. It may take some practice but your creative brain centers will get bored and shut off eventually. It happened to me the other day while preparing taxes. I call it math brain. When I’m in that zone, creating a meal, or picking an outfit, or choosing a gift is beyond my scope because my imagination centers, the creative bits of my brain, have gone into hibernation.

According to research by Dr. Federmeier, imagination is not limited to one side of the brain, and route behavior is not relegated exclusively to the other, but the regions of the brain responsible for route behavior and imagination are somewhat specialized and exist in different sections (Lombrozo). Some sections of the brain light up when we imagine a scene while other sections remain in the dark. Imagination can sabotage your view of a past life if you think about it long enough and begin imagining what it might have been like when you were Cleopatra or Antony. The purpose of shutting down your imagination is to prevent false memories, and encourage the automatic recall of the subconscious.  Your route behavior will light up the logic sections of your brain and shut off the imagination sections.

So, when you have the attention of your subconscious ask it a quick question. It’s a good idea to pick your question before you begin your route activities, and be ready to record whatever flash you see. Try asking something of your subconscious that your conscious mind has no knowledge of; perhaps milking a cow, or building a boat, or giving birth, or crossing a snowy river, or finding water in a the desert. Whatever you see in that microsecond of a flash is your subconscious’ contribution. Any thoughts that make sense after that flash are your conscious mind jealously saying, “I see what you did there – and you should only be paying attention to me.”

Whatever flash you saw has now been brought from the subconscious to the conscious mind. You will probably catch yourself trying to make sense of it but stop.  It is an answer on its own. Your consciousness need not interpret it. Let the flash be, and its meaning will reveal itself in time.

For more information about the brain :

For more information about Dr. Federmeier:

Lombrozo, Tania. “The Truth About The Left Brain / Right Brain Relationship : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture : NPR.” National Public Radio, 2 Dec. 2013. Web. 20 Feb. 2015.


Research Your Past Life, Part 1: Dream Walking

dreamwalkingA couple of days ago a reader asked a question about blood spells and previous lives. She asked how she might learn about her previous life/lives. Luckily, there are a number of options. One way is through dream walking, a second way is through image recollection, a third way is through free-writing, and lastly – traditional meditation. In a four-part series called “Past Life Research” we will explore each of these techniques. So first, let us dive into dream walking. The currently accepted theory is that our dreams serve as personal mythologies. The link between dream and myth is well documented by psychologists and mythologists. Joseph Campbell points out that dream and myth are not identical, though they can both serve as guides that provide direction in life. The myths are a wide shot of what to do and not to do, to have a successful life. Dreams are a close up shot of your own life with pertinent information about you, your journey, and what you should and should not do. Where does the soul-knowledge of your dreams come from? From your previous life/lives, or according to C. G. Jung – the collective unconscious. I’m not implying that a young soul would live a dreamless life – but it stands to reason that a young soul would have generally less soul-knowledge than an old soul. The young soul has access to the collective unconscious but hasn’t spent lifetimes exploring it every night. Therefore an old soul’s dreams would be more effective at communicating with the conscious and would have more experience to draw from, resulting in a person whose dreams seem to have all the answers, and in some cases, can portend the future.* If you are interested in exploring your previous lives through dreamwalking, extend your desire to your dreams. Think on your soul. How old is it? What has it seen? Before tucking in at night, ask yourself some questions about those previous lives.  They should be general questions like:

  • When did I live before this life?
  • Where did I live before this life?
  • What did I learn in that life?
  • If the old me could tell the new me one thing, what would it be?

Contemplate these questions as you drift off. Upon waking, record your answers in a dream journal. Avoid specific questions because you might influence your dreams with the power of suggestion. It may take numerous tries to get your answers, but don’t give up! If you are a young soul it may take some time for your soul to learn how to talk to you in a way you can decode with your conscious mind, and don’t be upset if you find no evidence of a previous life. You may be on your first go around. If you’re an old soul you may get lucky and have your answers delivered to you on the first night. * I chose the word portend above because the future is not etched in stone, but it is in the state of becoming. An old soul would perceive the patterns that exist now, and be able to determine what results are most likely to occur, but everybody makes mistakes. No vision of the future is an absolute certainty. For more information about the link between dream and myth read here: Starting on the .pdf page 34 and read the prologue. For more information about the collective unconscious read here: Until next time – Sleep Well!

coming out

Coming out of the Broom Closet

The following paragraphs were written by my teenage daughter.  She may not have had to “come out” to her parents but she has to chose who of her friends to “come out” to.  I thought her approach to “coming out” was a good one and asked if she wouldn’t mind sharing.


Illumination Quote, BOS page

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAAlthough technically illumination is the art of painting books, this illumination is made possible by fine tipped Sharpie markers and a Skillcraft Free Ink Roller Ball 0.7, black pen!  The design is unlike my usual artwork.  There is a lot of white space on the page.  I’m just learning the techniques of medieval illuminators, they seem quite focused on the “let there be light” theme. They also utilized repetition, not just on a single page, but from page to page.  One difficulty they faced was the limited supply of color.  In the books I’ve studies, the artists were limited to four colors – for the entire book!  Even Renaissance artists maintained a limited palate.

My favorite illuminations are books of hours.  Catherine of Cleves was the recipient of a Gothic book of hours which is online, thanks to the Morgan Library and Museum in New York. Another stunning book of hours (this one was crafted GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAlater and is influenced by the Renaissance) was commissioned for Etienne Chevalier.  It is available online too, thanks to the Bibliotheque Nationale De France.

The images included in this post are my first attempt at medieval illumination.  The page includes in four colors, plus black: red, blue, brown, and green.  It’s in my BOS.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAIn other news, I sought the guidance of The Triple Goddess on Samhain, by way of tarot.  I asked what to do with this blog and this is what she/they said…

Maiden: Make a plan but don’t freak out about it. (Tarot card IV, reversed.)

Mother: Keep Sharing. (Tarot card 6 of pentacles.)

Crone: Prepare for the future, good is coming, but not quite yet, you will have to work for it. (Tarot card ace of pentacles, reversed.)

So I guess that’s the direction I’ll be going in. I’ll aim to share once a week, but won’t freak out if I miss a week.  The following day, a dear friend and I started brainstormed about the future – web wise – so that magic is already in motion.  (:

Until Next Time,


fallen leaf divination

Samhain 2014 – The Witches New Year

Samhain is upon us!  Tonight I will seek answers about what the future holds for this blog.  But!  In the mean time, I would like to share a little divination magic with you.

fallen leaf divinationAll you need is a windy day and a fallen leaf.   Take the leaf in your left hand (left because you are seeking not giving) and pose a yes or no question to the spirit of the wind.  When a gust blows, release the leaf from your grip and observe its initial motion.  If the leaf rises from your hand the answer is yes.  If the leaf blows down out of your hand the answer is no.

Enjoy your Samhain night.

Until next time,


Harvest Poem

This is a terza rima poem.  These kinds of poems are identified by aba, bcb, cdc, ect ect ect rhyming schemes.  This poem is called “Harvest.”

Juniper berries,harvest
truly not berries at all,
dry in prairies.

Shorter days in fall
when farms and fields we harvest.
Hear the crows call.

Vacant brown bird’s nest.
Cold wind whistles ’round the house.
Sun sets south-west.

Searching meadow mouse
gathers up the last cherries.
Pointers hunt grouse.


2 for 1 poetry

I wrote the first one yesterday, and the second one today.  Which one do you like better?


Table Space2f1

smooth woman bowl
dancing woman bowl
pillar man candle
cone man incense

add to the mix
one who seeks
love and hope
from divinity

listen well
wash away the world
and you can taste
spiritual nourishment
what divinity reveals
through the light
in the smoke
the answers dance

smooth woman bowl
dancing woman bowl
pillar man candle
cone man incense


“Sky Dance”

The moon rises
to meet the stars. Grasshoppers
leap over the blades, around
the towering dandelions. Venus
joins the moon for the evening
pow wow. Trees anchored
in the dirt send
their leaves to sky dance.


Outside, barefoot, at moonrise.

I’m a barefoot runner.  Although I run slow, so maybe barefoot jogging is more accurate.  The fall is a great time to get outside.  It’s cool and comfortable and the leaves are beautiful to look at.  The poem is about this wonderful time of year and exercise.  It is my second poetry attempt in Kate’s Bardic Exercise prompt from

“workout weather”

shorts fun work done
barefoot run toes numbrun

in the park okay today
spicy hot pepper spray

circuit training breath caught
moon rising water brought

wind tearing cold face
feet falling quicken pace

turn round go home
greet purple garden gnome

slow down take stance
rest listen yoga trance

heart beat
nice slow

stretch breathe
let go

watch stars
climb high



A poem by me, and a site to check out!

So there’s this blog called Feminism and Religion which I have been following for a couple of weeks now.  It’s a great space with many authors contributing.  I enjoy the comradery of the site and thought you might too!  This week, Kate started a week long poem-a-thon.  Here’s my first entry:

The Crone Within

Seeking you in plastic domes
when I sing your ancient tomes.
Neon skulls and pumpkins lack
with white sutures etched in black.

All your teeth on display
What do your empty sockets say?

a crone in hiding
strong back bending
face downcast
woman passed…

Dark eyes upon me stay.
What news do you share today?

In triple voice she says to me,
“Trust what your inner eye does see
for we live within your heart
and from there we shan’t depart.”

Then those empty sockets dim
but Her spirit is within.
On my way I go again
fearing not the bogeymen.

Check out the post (and site) if you want to join in the fun… or post your poems here!  I’d love to read them!

Until Next Time ~ Storybook



White Magic – detailed site with good information.

I found this site while searching for costume ideas.  It was one of those down-the-rabbit-hole searches that leapt from one topic to another and led me here.

Lucy Cavendish and I seem to have a similar view of magic, that she differentiates from illusion by adding the “k.”  On her “A Magickal Path” page she explains her beliefs in more detail.  She does have books for sale, but I haven’t read them.  The other pages of her site are equally informative, and just reading these pages could give a novice pagan, or a curious visitor a very basic primer in magic with a k.  (:

Anyway, click-through!

Enjoy her exploration of magick.

Learn from her, what you can!


med illumination witch

Coming out of the broom closet…still.

So, I posted the following in an Ancient and Medieval Civilizations history college class. This is really my first time throwing wide the broom door in an open environment. It is incredibly short for the subject matter. The discussion direction is first (in orange) then my response. I did not post the first or last paragraphs in class (I added them for you!).

Question: One of the more fascinating aspects of medieval history is the concept of witchcraft.  While romanticized in books, movies, and tv shows, being accused of a witch was one of the most intimidating and dreaded events of medieval life. Witch hunts raged on and off throughout Europe and the New World on a irregular basis for over 300 years.  Overwhelming the majority of those accused, tried, tortured, and executed for witchcraft were women.  Why?  What about women made them targets for these accusations?  Was it a means of control of women who acted outside traditional gender roles?  If you look at some of the women who were “uppity” were often accused of witchcraft.  Joan of Arc who led France to victory over the English–burned at the stake.  Anne Boleyn–King Henry VIII’s second wife was accused of “bewtiching” the King before she lost her head.  Anne Hutchinson who dared to speak out in colonial America–denounced as a witch.  Did witches really roam loose brewing up good and evil or was it a scare tactic to keep women in their place?  Was the devil really at work in the form of a woman?  Or was this an extension of original sin and the inherent weakness of women?

Before I address this discussion, I am not Christian. I believe everyone has the right to believe what is right for them and I hope each individual follows their beliefs in thought, word and deed. Because of my personal beliefs I have not climbed on my soapbox and preached for respect and acceptance, instead I have tried to answer the questions tactfully and respectfully. I am not against any religion but do not wish to be converted nor do I wish to change anybody else’s faith, however I do like to discuss beliefs and so I apologize for the length of this post.

Real or scare tactic? Is witchcraft real, what about the Devil or original sin?

med illumination witchI feel the answer to all three of those questions is both yes and no. How can it be both? I do not believe that a person can speak some angry words and the target person will receive something negative but I do believe that the person who prays or casts a spell or charm to protect or heal can influence another. This has more to do with willpower than the supernatural and, to me, is kind of like a placebo effect. These questions have to do with an individual’s belief and faith plays a large part in the formation of those beliefs. Religion is not the only aspect to play into beliefs. Traditions, fairy tales, superstitions, entertainment and literature all impact a persons view. As we approach Halloween there are many who will be unknowingly quoting Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Even the t.v. series Doctor Who paid homage to “Double, double toil and trouble.”

Are women inherently weaker than men? Original sin/Women’s weakness?

In the patriarchal society, which was reinforced by many of the teachings of the Christian Church during the Middle Ages, women were believed to be weaker because, as the stories go, Eve caused the downfall of humanity. Having the witch-hunts focused on women allowed male control to be reinforced by women caught up in the mass hysteria. The hunts also allowed grudges to be acted upon and inexplicable events (plagues, natural disasters and the like) to be blamed on someone/thing. The reasoning went that if the cause could be found and purified (fire had been traditionally purifying in many pagan societies) then the ‘trouble’ would stop.

The Witch-Hunts Targets

Women were specifically targeted and some relate this to the relative success of the witch-hunt hysteria. The Gendercide Watch site does a fantastic job of lining this point out. This site was really interesting to me because it relates the hysteria to both women and timing of other rapid transformations happening. It makes a great point later on about the countries which were strongly Catholic had fewer burnings (“4 in Ireland vs 26,000 in Germany) than those in transition and turmoil with the Reformation. Women were not the only target but were undoubtedly the main focus. This may have something to do with holding onto traditions or superstitions surrounding fertility practices. The Catholic church had declared, or was working on declaring, some pretty specific beliefs/principles regarding fertility and the place of women.

Did/do personalities play any role in the label of witch? Control: gender roles?

As is the case with Joan of Arc, Anne Boleyn and Anne Hutchinson many of the first targets were strong willed women who did not stay in their prescribed roles. Personality often times led to the naming of certain women as witches, now that label has changed a letter but the idea behind it still applies. The movie (based on the book) Practical Magic nods at this thought through the school children’s chant “Witch, witch, you’re a ***ch.” The carryover of this chant generationally also speaks to how prejudices, as well as traditions, are passed on and how change can take so long.

Was geographic location a factor?

Absolutely. If you study Africa and South America many magical practitioners are called Witch Doctors or Shamans and are male. However, in North America men or women could be Shamans, depending on the tribe. In Europe women were traditionally the healers, those with the ‘evil-eye’ and is why I think it was so easy for this mass hysteria be focused on women. We as a global society have not left these practices or prejudices behind. There was a witch doctor that cursed a soccer star at the 2014 World Cup! Not to mention the millions of women dead or maimed across India specifically, but Asia and Africa as well, by being accused of witchcraft. Even now, many who consider themselves pagan in America hide their beliefs for a long time, it is called ‘coming out of the broom closet.’ Assumptions are rarely accurate and can be very hurtful depending on the society.

I leave you with the quote from Shakespeare’s Macbeth:

A dark Cave. In the middle, a Cauldron boiling. Thunder. Enter the three witches.

1 WITCH.  Thrice the brinded cat hath mew’d.

2 WITCH.  Thrice and once, the hedge-pig whin’d.

3 WITCH.  Harpier cries:—’tis time! ’tis time!

1 WITCH.  Round about the cauldron go;

In the poison’d entrails throw.—

Toad, that under cold stone,

Days and nights has thirty-one;

Swelter’d venom sleeping got,

Boil thou first i’ the charmed pot!

ALL.  Double, double toil and trouble;

Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Seeing as it in now October, the timing was right. I have struggled recently in responding to a conversion effort. There is a traveling walk through theater called the 99. It is host by Christian churches and focuses on their belief in response to drugs, suicide, gang violence and the consequences as they see them. It is a good experience but at the end there is a opportunity to commit/rededicate oneself to Jesus. When talking with the lady I evaded her questions of “Are you saved, when were you saved” and so on. I could have taken the opportunity to speak to her about not being Christian and why I don’t believe I will go to Hell because of it. But I didn’t. Instead I kept silent. 3 days later I had the following discussion assignment in class. In response to my actions at the 99 I feel I was more open in my class. Long story short: it isn’t easy being open.


The First Day of Autumn – Welcome The Winds of Change

Happy official Fall!

Fall is a time for going within. The sap seeps into the trees and the animals seek their dens in the earth.

FALLThis has been a busy year for me and a less than busy year on EMD. I enjoy sharing my seeker’s journey but I feel like I’ve come to the end.

Our journey, thus far, has been one of learning and searching. My learning days are far from over, but I feel like I know more about who I am and what my spiritual beliefs are. I’m no longer on a journey to discover what I believe. For those of you who haven’t been here since the beginning, that was the original aim of this blog – to explore and discover belief. Now, I’ve found my faith. As this witch’s year comes to an end so too, has this stage of my journey.

EMD will not end – but it is time for an overhaul.

On Samhain I will journey within and see if I can divine a new direction for EMD.

Until then,
~ Storybook


Book Trilogy by Deborah Harkness

timthumb.phpI just finished reading The Book of Life by Ms. Harkness.  The trilogy is wonderful and the third book is the best!

In brief (with spoilers!) –

Book 1: An Oxford professor, who also happens to be a witch, denies her own magic but manages to somehow call forth an ancient magical manuscript.  The bad guys, called the Congregation, have been looking for the book for centuries but have been unable to locate it.  A vampire is inexplicably drawn to our witch.  He is not glittery, and constantly battles to keep control of himself.  He must hunt, kill, and drink blood to live. He is not photosensitive and he happens to be Catholic.  He is also a professor.  They fall in love, but consorting with other magical creatures is strictly forbidden by the Congregation.  The witch slowly accepts that she has powers and can use them for good.  The the Congregation threatens her because she had the book, didn’t hand it over, and is consorting with a vampire.  They must flee but where can they go??

Book 2: The lovers hide from the Congregation by traveling back in time to medieval Europe.  There the witch learns her craft from powerful medieval witches, how to control, and not to fear her power. The witch+vampire love deepens, even through difficulties.  The couple investigates the Congregation and searches for the magical manuscript in the past. The couple get the blessing of the vampire’s long-dead father figure and get married.

Book 3: They travel back to the future (hahaha) fight the forces of evil, rewrite family history, discover a new understanding of magical creatures through DNA, take out some murderous villains, have babies, struggle valiantly, lose friends, almost lose sanity, but survive to live together ever-after; in a reformed world that is better for their mountainous efforts.


The first book is A Discovery of Witches.  If you haven’t read these you should.  They are easy, enjoyable, and each novel outdoes the previous.  Here is a link to the author’s site ->

Also, Harkness uses excerpts of a common book to note the passage of time.  These transitions are legitimate medieval astrological forecasts for the upcoming sun sign. (She cites the common book at each entry – and it is the common book which I am trying to track down.  If I find it I will share the victory with you!) Those alone are interesting enough – but the way she wound the story around the march of the signs is really intriguing.

Until next time,



A new-to-me Blog and an Online Shrine.

I found this witch – LadySpell Artes, her blog, and her shrine to Hekate – where I lit a candle.  In honor of Hecate I made this little charm:

Goddess mother, Goddess three, I light this candle in reverence of thee.  Blessed once, Blessed twice, My goddess mother you’ve blessed me thrice times thrice times thrice.  My thanks I give to thee.  So mote it be.  

HekateI could’ve left the words for Hekate on the shrine page but I wanted to share them with you guys too.  Remember to give thanks to the powers. Everybody like a little appreciation now and again.

Additionally LadySpell has a post about turning any container into an oil lamp.  Pretty cool stuff, good pictures too.  :)

If you are interested in checking out LadySpells blog it is here ->

and her shrine to Hekate is here ->

In other news its time to return to school!  Yay!  I’m taking a history class and a writing class, then I switch classes right around Samhain.  Hopefully there will be interesting tidbits of magic in history that I can share.  If not, maybe the writing class will help me craft some magical stories.  Anyway – I’ve enjoyed the summer and hope you have too.

Until next time!


Everymagicalday on Ebay!

Giveaway Results!

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So, one more time….


Risuna and Johanyjohn.


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I have a big cauldron into which I will place the names. On

Thursday August 7TH,

with the moon rooted firmly in Sagittarius we will draw a name from the cauldron.  Then I’ll post here, so you can see if you won!

Best of luck,



Spells and How They Work Part Two

Hi! Pyper, Mouse, and I have gathered examples of our spell experiences to share with you.  But first, Pyper has some more thoughts on what spells are…

What is a spell?


A spell is the intent to produce an action manifested seemingly outside of the mind or spiritual frame.  Essentially a thought eliciting an action or reaction.  In my estimation a prayer or even a wish is the same thing as a spell.  As Storybook pointed out, we believe that change occurs within the caster rather than the ‘recipient.’ I believe that nothing is black and white, that everything is variable in some way.  Therefore, my faith and beliefs continue to grow, evolve, and change as I learn more.

So how does a thought change from being a thought – to creating (re)action? In essence, how do spells work? Again, I reference what Storybook briefly touched on in her post regarding the neural and chemical changes that occur in a physical body in response to words spoken, with or without matching actions. If you do a spell for or on someone else and they are aware, I believe they can change because of the spell just like you change because of it. Now, there is a difference between gathering the natural magic (or energy) that flows around and between us and the purposeful working of gathered magic/energy to create a specific action. But that is another post altogether!

Below are the three experiences we have chosen to share.

~~~~~~~~ Mouse ~~~~~~~~

STARHello, mes amis.  I am a teenage girl and you can call me Mouse.  I’m here to share an experience I had recently with blood magic.  For those who don’t know, blood magic is very powerful; you could call it source magic. It isn’t to be used carelessly.

About a year ago I was stuck in a whirlwind of hormones, and there was a boy I liked romantically.  He held nothing other than friendly interest for me.  At the time, I was sure that I wanted to be with him.  Maybe even forever.  So, at around midnight on one June night, I drew up a spell on a spread of my diary.

Basically, it asked deity to bring me very specific and desirable personality traits, to give the said boy romantic feelings for me, and to let him decide what to do with them.  Then I asked for happiness for all, and thanked deity, calling upon the elements to help and even ending with a rhyming bit.

I came back to that spell for 72 days, repeating it aloud 3 times a night, and adding blood to the pages.  I even added some moon (menstrual) blood.  Looking back, it was an incredibly stupid idea and I’m so glad that I was as careful as I was.

Now the boy and I did have a relationship, but it wasn’t a good idea, and it definitely wasn’t love.  We learned things, and helped each other through some tough times, but when it came down to it, we weren’t right for each other, so after nearly 11 months I ended the relationship.

But as we know, with every action comes an equal and opposite reaction, and blood magic is binding and permanent.  Now our souls are tied together by an invisible thread, and we both have to deal with it for the rest of our lives. My hope is that neither of us drags the other one down.

I am glad that my past self had enough sense to be crystal clear and specific in wording of the spell.  I hope that I can transform this spell into one of friendship, rather than one of love.

Blood magic shouldn’t be used in teenage romance:  the two really don’t mix.
Take my warning, and as parents and adults always say, please be careful.

~~~~~~~~ Pyper ~~~~~~~~~~

HARI personally tend to gather and subtly push the pre-existing energy in a direction I want.  However, I have worked spells for specific purposes for both myself and others.

Some time ago a friend asked me to help her connect with divinity. She wanted to have one of those God experiences we all see in the movies that are so obvious and impossible to deny. After weeks of discussing that those types of experiences aren’t the norm, I helped her create her own spell to open herself safely to the divine being/aspect that she needed in her life at that point in time. Then I went through the ritual with her.

A friend’s boyfriend’s nieces were in the custody of social services in another state. (Yes, that connection is really what it was!) My friend asked that I pray for the girls to be released to his mother for care and raising. She was a nurse and good family so I consented. I gathered herbs that called to me and a couple of candles. I lit one that smelled like home to me and a white one to represent my pure intent. I wrote some simple words (I’m not going to share because I don’t remember exactly) and repeated them three times. Then I gave my request to divinity and asked that what would truly be best for the girls happen before they were hurt any more. I thanked divinity for their blessing and presence. Then blew out the candles and went to bed. The girls have been living with his mother for a decade now. Would that have happened without me? Possibly. But I feel like I had an impact.

~~~~~~~ Storybook ~~~~~~~

RMRWhen I was a girl, before I accepted magic as real and understood what magic wasn’t, I worked an elemental spell.  It was summer.  I lay awake on the top bunk in the room my sister and I shared.  It was night.  I couldn’t sleep.  As a preteen I was swarming with hormones and heavy emotions.  I felt like the world was on my shoulders.  Although I was raised in a church-going family I was already starting to see the men behind the curtains.  I tried to trick myself into sleep by repeating my bedtime prayers, because, maybe I forgot to say them.  Maybe that was why I couldn’t sleep.  It didn’t work, so I tried something else.

I lay there, on my back, with my hands by my sides and I spoke to god, or universe or whatever there really was.  That’s important because it was the first time I did not directly address the Abrahamic God.  At that time I had not heard of any other deities.  Well, none beyond a Mesopotamian calf made out of melted gold earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, but I wasn’t talking to the golden calf, or the old man in the clouds.  I was talking to the reality of what is bigger than everything I know.  I was talking to the “more” the “spirit world” the larger than I could name or understand.  I remember thinking about being made of ashes and dust, filled with water from the sea, needing the air in my lungs, and being alive with the spark of fire.  I tilted my head all the way back which lifted my shoulders off the pillow.  I breathed out and mouthed the words, “take this weight off me.”  The response was immediate.  When I inhaled my lungs filled with air that seemed cold as ice.  The feeling of ice spread to my head then everywhere in my body.  When I exhaled the cold ebbed.  When I inhaled a second time the air was normal.  The feeling was gone.  Everything was normal again.  There were no magical lights, no strange sounds, no external changes to the room, or to me.  There was an internal change though.  That night I stirred the coals within.  I learned how to call the elements and give a command.  It seems simple enough – but believing in something that you’ve been told does not exist is anything but easy.

Storybook, I believe my experiences to be true, but I cannot guarantee they are as factual as I have interpreted them to be.

I get it.  It’s hard to remember all the details of a magical experience and even when we do, it’s still hard to categorize and explain what happened.  This is due, in part, to the way our brains work.

It’s well-known that people have various perceptions of singular events, like eyewitness reports of a car accident.  Each witness may see something different.  Eye witness testimony is inherently flawed because of perception.  We all have different perceptions because we all have different experiences.  Our experiences serve as a framework on which we build an understanding.

Magic eyewitness testimony is similarly flawed.  It’s even more complex to recall magical happenings because each magic practitioner experiences something different when it comes to spell work. And each spell is different too!  So there is very little framework for our magical memories to build on, making it harder to remember the details.  That’s part of the reason why images of magic (real and imagined) are fuzzy.

Even if we’re not sure that our magical memory is 100% we just have to trust our inner voice because it is telling us what we need to know, or remember, or learn!

But that focus is on defining faith and it would be another series of posts altogether

Ha! Yes it would.  Hmmm, maybe after the give away – which is next week!

Oh that’s right.  Very excited to see who wins!

Me too! Until next time,



magic pond

Spells and How They Work: Part 1

In response to a few comments on the Table of Contents page I’ve put together two posts about spells.  This post covers what I believe spells are and how they work (and don’t work).  In part two I’ll share a few of my personal experiences with spells.  My experience with magic, real magic, is similar to Thoreau’s experience at Walden’s Pond.  He said, “I learned this, at least, by my experiment: that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”  Thoreau created magic by changing himself, and you can too.

magic pond

The words “magic,” “spell,” “witch,” “familiar,” and “pagan” are laden with emotion.  These words carry the weight of persecution, evil power, hatred, fear, and exile.  The words also evoke feelings tied to rebellion, freedom, divinity, courage, and hidden knowledge.  Your personal experiences and opinions determine how you feel about the words and those feelings will determine your knee-jerk reactions when you hear those words.  If an old woman introduced herself  as a witch to a member of the Spanish Inquisition, then the feelings of hatred, fear, and evil power would lead to her persecution and exile to the afterlife – usually through torture.   If an old woman introduced herself as a witch to a curious child, then the child would probably feel a mixture of the feelings described above because children are still forming their opinions with the help of their limited childhood experiences.  Now, that’s not to say that some children are not set in their emotional responses by personality, or specific teachings, but it is safe to say that the typical curious child is still forming their beliefs.  If an old woman introduced herself as a witch, to me, I would ask a few questions and listen intently in order to better understand her meaning of the word witch, with a concentrated effort to keep my own associations out-of-the-way.

The point of this thought experiment is to show that words have the power to influence thinking and manifest change.  Not just magic words, or Latin words, or archaic words.  All words have power; the power to inspire, or destroy, to motivate, or discourage, and words evoke any number of emotional responses.  Emotions manifest in our reality as measurable chemicals released by glands in the brain.

Then the chemicals flood the body creating a physical response.  That’s how spells work.  Spells use words to create emotions which manifest as physical realities through the chemistry of the human mind.  That’s why casting spells on someone without their knowledge will backfire.  You are casting on yourself and manifesting chemical changes in your brain.

As a side note, this power of words is part of the reason women were not allowed to learn to read for so many centuries.  People thought that a woman’s weak mind would overload if she learned how to read.  The words would create emotions that were too powerful for her to deal with.  This idea persisted in the “modern” Western world, into Victorian times when doctors prescribed women with numerous afflictions, the rest-cure in order to calm their overloaded brains.  Although it sounds harmless, the rest-cure, deprived tired, and depressed women of any external stimulation until many went mad.  Sometimes the women were not suffering from any malady, but were somehow undesirable.  The rest-cure was convenient ways for husbands to “lose” their old wives so they were free to find new ones.  This misguided medical practice inspired Charlotte Perkins Gilman to write “The Yellow Wallpaper” (read it here) which describes a woman’s decent into madness because of the rest-cure.  Her publication was so well crafted that the physician who created the rest-cure altered his treatment, and later abandoned it altogether.  Tell me her magic words, “The Yellow Wallpaper” didn’t work.

Do I believe in magic spells?  Yes, as described above.  Do spells work for me?  Yes, but not always in the way I intend, and not like on Harry Potter.  Hollywood magic is illusion and exaggeration.  Real magic is subtle.  The difference between real magic and screen magic is similar to the difference between actual evolution and Pokémon evolution.  Magic spells promote change from within.  Ghandi said, “If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change.”  Spellwork is a way to change yourself, and the world.


Re: This Friday


Where did these negative associations come from?  Is Friday really a bad day?  Is 13 really a bad number?  Or have they been demonized?

Friday is named after the Goddess Freya or Frigg depending on where you trace the linguistic lines.  Both goddesses were favored until newer religions demonized the Goddess and goddess worship.  Then goddesses and all the things associated with her became ‘unlucky’.

The number thirteen was a lucky number for eons, until the 12 month calendar usurped the 13 month lunar cycle year… which coincided with an increase in patriarchal religions that focused on the masculine and denigrated the feminine.  Slowly the idea that it was unlucky to gather in groups of thirteen grew.  The idea that a 13 member witch’s coven, like totally the most evil gathering ever, formed. lol

So, for me, Friday the 13th is like a holiday!  For more historical and imagined history about Friday the 13th check out this post:

The full moon is the most obvious marker of astrology.  Ask any Doctor, Nurse, Cop, Prison Guard, or Teacher and they will attest to the increased energy that a full moon brings.  That increase in magic energy adds to my festive feeling for this Friday, and feeds the fears of those lacking an outlet for the goddesses divine energies.  :)  Friday would be an amazing night for goddess meditation and low-key magic working, although I’d avoid complex rituals because of Mercury’s position.  No drawing down the moon unless you want to draw down Mercury’s energies too.  They are bound together until Mercury resumes.

Mercury retrograde is a far older and more ill-fated circumstance than the 13th, or Friday.  Astronomically Mercury does not move backward.  Instead, Earth moves forward at a faster rate so it appears to us, on Earth, that Mercury is slowing, then stationary, then running backwards.  Astrologically this indicates a reversal.  In other words, completing projects is more trying when Mercury is retrograde.  Simple tasks may prove unusually tedious and tiresome. Murphy’s Law goes into overdrive.

So take it easy this Friday.  Take a moment to appreciate a goddess, give a nod to the moon and her 13 cycles, and chill with a cup of whatever tickles your fancy.  Avoid the errors of Mercury retrograde when, as Robert Burns warns, “The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft agley.”

Until next time,


Yoga: Sun and Moon Salutations

yogaYoga is a physical and spiritual practice which aims to align the physical and spirit bodies – among other things.  Before I accepted myself as a witch I practiced Yoga for the physical aspects.  I’m not a Yogi or anything that limber, I am only a student.

One of the first routines I adopted was the Sun Salutation.   SELF magazine had a tear-out poster – oh so many years ago – that illustrated the steps.  I taped the poster to the living room wall our austere and very tiny, one bedroom apartment.  If you are not familiar with the sun salutation, it is a great place to start!  Ekhart provides breathing instruction in the following video, but some people use controlled breath as a focus of yoga.  Aligning your breath is not as complicated as it sounds, but it does take a little practice.  You can read this article by Emma Brooke for more information about Pranayama; breath yoga.

Sun Salutations are not all identical.  Although similar, the salutations vary from yogi to yogi.  As you become more familiar with your body, and with the various positions, you can make and modify your own sun salutation.  As with any exercise routine, talk with your doctor before making major changes. In the mean time, Esther Ekhart has a quick 7 minute sun salutation you might like:

justiceBut this is only half of the story!  Sun Salutations are very popular in Western Culture.  What could be more important than the Sun?  Well, the sun in the sun salutation is you.  Your heart, your inner self.  You are your own light.  Sometimes a person can focus too much on their internal sun and neglect their lunar self.  Balance is integral to successful life.  Give the Moon justice.

Everyone contains feminine and masculine traits.  Harmonizing both aspects of the self aids in aligning the spirit and physical bodies.  Honor  your moon by including a Moon Salutation in your yoga practice.  The moon salutation is a stand alone routine.  Performing the sun and moon salutations together, one in the morning and one at night, is a perfect way to honor all of your internal self.

The Goddess Pose (at 1:00) is invigorating but it is so important not to stop there!  Performing the goddess pose, especially at night, under the moon, is akin to drawing down the goddess.  It fills you with her energies and sheds the mundane worries of the day.  If I stop with the goddess pose I have to ground, or suffer the headache from Magick overload.  :)

If you like these yoga videos you can find more at the Ekhart Yoga website.

Seek balance in your day.  Balance the Sun and Moon inside of you.  Yoga can help!

Until next time,
Bright Blessings,


OMG Wow, Mythology DVDs

I have read at least a thousand myths.  Sometimes I find striking differences but typically myths are similar.  Even creation myths from disparate regions tend to follow the same lines of thought.  Warrior myths, hero’s tales, mother/lover stories, and coming-of-age stories all encourage good behavior and imply that difficulties and grave mistakes can be overcome with diligence and hard work.

campbellIn 1988 Joseph Campbell sat down with PBS journalist Bill Moyers to discuss Mythology.  The six interview episodes are available on DVD at many public libraries (and on amazon).  A mythology professor suggested I watch these – not for a grade – for fun.  Campbell’s insights are eye-opening.  His exploration of myth is cross-curricular.  He weaves Mythology, Philosophy, Theology and Psychology into one lens through which he views ancient History.  But he doesn’t stop there.  Campbell also looks at twentieth century pop-culture to expose the rebirth of ancient myths in movies and television.  Campbell identified Star Wars as a hero’s journey.  Who’s the hero?  In the first three movies, episode IV, V, and VI – Luke is the hero.  Unfortunately Campbell died before the next three movies came out which prove Anakin (Darth Vader) is a hero too.  Anakin makes the journey to the Dark Side (underworld), slays the Emperor (monster), and emerges victorious.  I have no doubt that Campbell would also highlight the cyclic nature of this modern myth, and explore the importance of story-within-a-story, layer building found in the Star Wars saga.

petroglyphIn the second episode Campbell explores the spiritual evidence left to us, by early man.  The tours of the painted caves in France are beautiful, as ever, and Campbell’s explanations of the emotions that went into the paintings are tangible.  It’s an amazing journey to undertake, even if you are familiar with the Lascaux cave system and Australian petroglyphs.  It’s interesting, too, to listen to Campbell speak.  He was born in 1904 so his experience of the twentieth century is vastly different from my own.  He talks briefly about his family back in the 80’s and he means the 1880’s.  Campbell is a skilled orator and his cadence is easy to follow (even at 2x speed).

Although I’ve heard theory’s about the Goddess’s absence being a ”temporary” situation (because she felt like she needed a break from creation) and I’ve heard theory’s that the Christian devil was God’s lover but I never put the two ideas together.  In the fifth episode Campbell talks about the Christian God and the Christian Devil as lovers. got devil woman I never thought of that possibility.  It would explain so much about the vilification of the feminine, above and beyond, Adam’s wives.  If the Abrahamic God had a relationship that ended badly, then at least the anger of the Christian God has an origin that might, as myths teach us, be overcome with enough diligence, hard work, and growth on his part.  Not that anyone should indulge the anger, or temper tantrums, of a domineering, irate, and jealous being, especially in an intimate relationship!  I’m saying the Goddess/Devil/Woman spurn might explain why the Christian God is mad at women ”temporarily.”  If the Christian God gets his act together and begs, then the Goddess/Devil/Woman might forgive him, return to her creation and by her mere presence – keep him in line.  I don’t know if he deserves forgiveness though – not without hard work and diligent suffering that results in growth on his part.  Grace is a god thing, not a goddess thing.  Hmm… maybe there is something divine behind that too.

The Power of Myth is a really great series.  If your library has the DVD’s check them out.  The discourse is meaningful and the insights are brilliant.  If you’re busy like me watch them at x2 speed; get twice as much ~wow~ for the same amount of time!  There is a book also – which I have not read, but I can’t imagine it being bad.

Until next time,
Bright Blessings!


Happy Beltane!

I promise this note is not belated.  Astrologically speaking – accounting for the degree shift of our planet as it moves through space and time – Beltane starts this evening and lasts until sunset tomorrow!  So get your groove on and celebrate the union of the Goddess with her God.  ;)


In other news –

I’ve completed my degree!  So school is out, at least for the summer semester. :)  I hope to fill our summer with more BOS pages, maybe a blog party, holiday posts, garden pictures, craft posts, links to new sites, some interesting book reviews, and EMD’s very first Giveaway!!  But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Here is a link to that Charlotte posted earlier today.  Archaeoastronomy presents the transit of the Earth including the dates of the equinoxes, solstices, and cross-quarter days through 2020:  It proves a handy reference with simple and precise explanations regarding astrological timing.

Until we meet again, Blessed Beltane!



Spirals on an Egg for the Goddess Eostre

Spring started almost a month ago.  That was Ostara.  My nephews celebrate Easter.  I celebrate this second month of spring with colored eggs.

So there. :)


Goddess Good,

Goddess Great,

Thank you for the great Spring we’ve had so far.

Goddess Good,

Goddess Great,

Bless us with gentle rains for growing gardens.

Blessed Be!


Most everyone looks forward to the return of Spring. It is the time of planting, cleaning, renewal, rejuvenation, birth, to generally start doing again. Action. That is the biggest thing about Spring, the movement, the forward shifting, the change from sleeping, hibernating and resting. At times seeing life in a new light is literally the only difference, but what a difference can that different angle make!


Change is a constant part of any life. How we deal with that change is what determines the outcome. Storybook can tell you, I have a ton of change going on in my life right now and my outlook has shifted with the seasons. I started in July by making the choice to be happy and unapologetic. The happy part I have a great handle on, the unapologetic piece is a different story. Through fall I felt great, forward moving and letting the negative decay and slough away to blow out of my life like the leaves do. During the winter months I have remained upbeat but felt as if I was in a holding pattern. Over the last month (I am in the Northern hemisphere) my pace has shifted to impatient.


It makes me reflect on how frustrated the divine beings must get sometimes. Then again, I get frustrated with myself after focusing on timing. All the worry and hustle and bustle about things that really don’t matter in the big scheme of life become distractions from the important pieces. I’m pretty good at finding the silver lining in any situation but I also get impatient. Those are the times when I have to force myself to stop. To meditate. To commune with nature. To realign myself with my spiritual path and purpose.

So if you are struggling to connect with your Divinity, remember to stop whatever is going on and listen. I tend to get wrapped up and stop hearing what Divinity is telling me. I will have my plan and get frustrated because events and timing don’t match my plan. Those are the moments I take a breath (or 30!) and once I relax, I hear Divinity whispering not to worry, that whatever it is, will work out. I just need to keep on, to remain true to myself and my values and I will succeed. Worry just takes energy away and wastes it and I can do so much more putting that same energy into achieving my goals and dreams.

I urge you to to stop and listen as you begin your Spring Renewal to remain focused on your dreams.

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Earth Based Protection Ritual – Step By Step

This post is for a reader, N, who wrote to us with a question.  After describing a specific situation, N asked how to increase magickal protection, at home, and on the go.  N indicated some knowledge of hoodoo so this is an earth based ritual that can easily be expanded to include aspects of hoodoo, voodoo, or vodoun.

dirtHere is what I came up with…

1. Gather your cauldron (or glass mixing bowl), wand (or wooden spoon), salt, distilled water, and if you can, graveyard dirt from protective deceased family members or friends.  If you can’t get graveyard dirt, get garden soil from the gardens, or yards, of your loving and supportive friends and family. (Once the weather warms planting a protection garden by literally shielding your house with the plants is a good idea too… hmmm, that sounds like a future post!) Also gather one of each color of candle: white, blue, brown, and black, and matches.

2. Cleanse your space, your tools, and yourself.  Use only natural cleaning agents like lemon juice and vinegar for the work/altar space, and tools.  Set the tools and materials in the workspace and take the distilled water with you, to the shower.  Take a shower and rinse the chemical soaps off well, then pour distilled water over you as a final rinse.  If you practice clothed, make sure you clothes are made of natural fibers, and clean.

3. Ok, now we get down to business.  Banish the fear and negativity from your heart and mind.  It’s no easy task but you can do it.  I am a fire element, so this is how I do it.
    Start with breath control.  The air element feeds me, so by controlling the air, I control myself.  Close your eyes and visualize the colors of positivity:  yellow, green, spring.  Breath in positive energy, exhale fear and anxiety.  Your fear and anxiety will have their own colors too.  Watch them leave your body when you exhale.  Repeat until you feel calm.  Then breath in confidence (imagine/see the colors, usually bold hues of primary colors), exhale positive energy (spring colors).  Repeat until you feel surrounded by positive energy and confident in your power.  Now your energy and your vibrations are up.  If you’re a water or earth, you can do this in the shower and let the water help raise your vibrations.


4.  If you typically cast a circle do it now.  Cast an extra-large circle that includes your entire house.  (You’ll see why in a second.) If you don’t cast circles, skip it.

5.  Arrange the candles around the bowl and light them, in a clockwise manner with the matches.
white = purification and protection, blue = protection and good fortune, brown = balancing and protection, black = to protect and ward off negative influences. (like self-doubt)

6.  Develop your own simple protection chant.  Make it personal.  Something like: With this earth I protect my life and lover, say their name.  In the bowl mix one part salt to four parts graveyard dirt.  While you’re stirring (clockwise to incorporate) repeat your chant, three times, and really put that confidence you’ve built into it.  See the color of confidence exit your mouth, carried on your breath, mixing with the salt and soil.

7. Ok, now take this dirt and place it around the house.  You can sprinkle the mix all along your property lines.  You can sprinkle it outside, in front of the doors and windows.  You can put it in small containers (tiny jars with lids or mojo bags) and place them in unobtrusive places, like behind the front and back doors, under the sinks, next to the television outlet, beneath the desk, under beds, where ever you decide as long as there is one parcel per room.


8.  While drawing your do-not-cross lines, or placing the jars, repeat your chant, over and over.  Visualize your confidence.

9. Go back to your altar and use the distilled water to wash your hands above the dirty bowl.

10.  If you have attachments to a deity (or deities) give thanks for the gift of magic and ask them to surround you with their protection.  Depending on your deity you might ask that they spare you from wrath.  I asked Kali to spare our home, and let us be safe, and she did.  Even deities known for their destructive powers can be swayed with genuine respect… remember your confidence.

11. If you cast a circle, let it loose.  Clean up your workspace, wash your tools and hands.

Magick made.  :)

When you are out-and-about, carry a bit of the salty earth in a mojo bag, or tiny jar, on your person, in your car, or in your suitcase if you’re traveling.

The positive, protective aspects, of graveyard dirt are perfect for protection because the dirt is associated with the deceased and the energies of the deceased have passed through the dirt.

As with all magic, respect and confidence are key.

Bright Blessings!


Creation(!) and Religious Ineptitude

The following lines are by T.S. Eliot.

In the beginning was the Word.
Superfetation of τό έν,
And at the mensual turn of time
Produced enervate Origen.

Isn’t it fantastic?!?  Initially these lines celebrate the hard masculinity of a god who was the word, and the femininity that creates all life.  But through the joyous turn of time things change.  Then the lines end with misery caged in sarcasm.   Eliot is so clever.

I’m writing an essay about three mournful poems as their composers look back on progress, and lament the loss of simplicity.  Although I am not using any of Eliot’s work; I felt you might enjoy these lines.  They are an excerpt of his poem, “Mr. Eliot’s Sunday Morning Service.” I have not read the rest of the poem but like this stanza well enough, without the benefit of context.

Line by line, translated into plain English they say something like…

OrigenIn the beginning was the Word.
The word divided from the one,
And at the menstrual / sensual turn of time
Produced exhausted castrated priests.

My translation dampens the magic though…

For a word-by-word translation (that restores the magic) read what Grand Valley State University, in Michigan, US, has to say about Eliot’s lines.

{“Superfetation” is the “formation or development of a second fetus when one is already present in the uterus,” while the Greek τό έν means “the one.” Origen (185-254 AD) was a father of the church who castrated himself to avoid temptations of the flesh. The stanza, like some parts of the rest of the poem, pokes fun at Unitarianism: the original Word, one at the beginning, multiplied through time as one god became three persons within one God. This sort of multiple birth eventually produced the “enervate” (exhausted) and castrated Origen. Thus the original creative Word ends in a non-reproductive Origen.} (

Hope you enjoyed this little lecture in literature.

Bright Blessings,

Keeping Time

prague astrological clockOver the years I have become increasingly aware of astrological accuracy.  This year, I’m making a business focused, astrological, calendar for my work-from-home husband in an attempt to encourage the calm when mercury is retrograde, sun conjunct mars, and the moon is VOC.  (eep!)

If you look through the sidebar (on the right) you’ll find our monthly calendar widget.  Previously it noted the major pagan holidays and moon phase.  This year it also includes the astrological moon sign for each day.  In order to better understand what the moon sign means click here to see a quick and simple table we made in 2012.

I only uploaded details for January, February, and March.  It’s tedious work and if you’re interested I’ll add more months.  Let me know if the information is helpful to you, or rather unimportant.

Additionally we’ll include a widget of cosmic curve balls:  a Mercury retrograde, and eclipse widget is in the works!

I will not include VOC (void-of-course) dates and times this year.  Instead, Dr. Loretta Standley has prepared accurate and detailed VOC tables for years, which she posts on her site, HERE.  She also includes how she figures her dates and times, which is always helpful.  Since her method is well aligned, we’ve decided to include a link for your convenience.  You can access her site, any time this year, through the VOC widget on the right.

If there is an astrological aspect of time keeping you would like to see in the sidebar calendar let me know!  If it’s good the way it is, or overwhelming, tell me so we can craft a calendar that’s good for all of us.

wheel of the year
Until next time…
Happy New Year!

Yule – Blessed Be Oak King!

Happy Yule!
Hope you are warm and dry.  We’ve been covered in a layer of icing for the Holly King’s farewell.  I took some pictures to share the sweet chill with you.
Brightest Blessings,

This was dusk yesterday, when the storm started to blow in.
This was dusk yesterday, when the storm started to blow in. Magical skies.
Drying icicles on the clotheslines. lol
This morning we woke to icicles drying on the clotheslines. lol
Behind the Shop
This is behind the shop. The trees lean every which way because of the tornado that rocked our home this spring.
Layers of Icing
I like the layers of ice penetration in this picture. Even on the winter solstice life and heat hold out, close to the Mother, her warmth radiates. :)
We’ve been visited by the Norse goddess Skadi, and she’s blanketed everything with crunchy bits.
Here lies kin of the Holly King encased in ice.  The Oak King is birthed tonight, to reign as the light grows.  And so spins the wheel!
Not mine - From pinterest:
A beautiful image showing the tenderness of the Holly King as he cradles the newborn Oak King.  From Pinterest:

Stay safe this holiday season and, above all, enjoy yourself!

Arts and Crafts – Easiest candle making ever.


This video is specifically for the festival of lights (Hanukkah) that starts on the evening of November 27th.  But I dig the whole winter solstice bringing more light into the world during the longest winter nights.  Although we’re almost a month away from this years winter solstice it’s nice to add some light.  We don’t practice Hanukkah but I admire the idea, I can even get behind it.  In addition to the solar placement of Hanukkah, being near the darkest time of year, the holiday falls in a dark spiritual time in the lunar based Jewish calendar.  In 2008 Rabbi Aryeh A. Frimer explained it to his audience, in Esra Magazine, like this:

While Chanukah’s position on the solar calendar makes it the shortest physical days, the lunar calendar places it on the shortest spiritual days – in the biblical calendar, the longest gap between holidays is that between Tishrei and Nissan. Just as we receive the least physical sunlight on the solstice, Chanukah’s distance from the seasons of our spiritual light also makes this time of year the most spiritually dark. And as with the solstice marking a turning point, the 29th of Kislev marks the beginning of the slow return to the greater spiritual light of Nissan.

The idea of Hanukkah meshes well with my Leo need for the sun.  In the craft video Abbey Wolin (of water and olive oil to make baby food jar candles.  Why didn’t I think of this?  It’s such a simple idea and affordable too.  I’ve found some floating wicks on ebay if you’d like to make your own.  How easy this would be for magic work!

It would be easier than embedding this video – that’s for sure!  Ok so I can’t figure out how to embed the javascript into the html.  Please click the link and watch the video – it’s quick and easy and you’ll like the idea, promise!

Bright Blessings!



Happy New Witch Year!

It’s time to take down our festive Samhain decorations and brace ourselves against the biting winter winds.  Happy new year!

With Samhain past we can focus on building the future.  Here’s a quick ritual that can help you craft your future.

2Write a thank you letter.  Not a list of resolutions, not a plan, not 10 ways you wish you were smarter/stronger/thinner/better/different.  Save all that for the mundane New Year, lol.

Date the letter November 1, 2014.  (Not a typo.  2014)  Include all the things you’re thankful for, that happen(ed) from Nov 2013 to Nov 2014.  You can do this because time is not linear.  Once you cross that mental hurdle your world will open up.   Keep in mind, as you write your thank you letter, that our corporeal bodies are limited by these three dimensions and our physical successes and failures are limited to this three-dimensional existence.  You cannot write a letter of thanks for learning to fly a broomstick like Harry Potter.  You can, however, write a letter of thanks for learning how to project your astral body into the next room.  :)  You can be thankful about a deeper understanding of enter-your-favorite-subject-here.  Your letter will be personal and private.  For-Your-Eyes-Only.  Well, you and the universe!  While writing, understand that this tank you letter is genuine because all time exists now – and these realities are already manifest.  I won’t go into the math of it because my understanding is still small but it “is” greater this time next year!

If you’re still with me on this crazy train… this is not really the same thing as magical manifestation, or the law of attraction.  It’s more akin to time travel.  In brief:  time is a construct created by souls trapped in corporeal bodies.  Our understanding of time (linear) is limited just like our corporeal bodies limit our astral bodies.  The astral plane doesn’t exist inside time like the physical reality.  The ability to access the ‘outside’ of time is inherit because existence without physicality is existence in pure energy.  And we are all energy (right now!) existing in a limited physical state.  Ergo we can access our future and give thanks for what already happened (in the future).

So —

After you write your thank you letter convert it to energy.  Fire is the easiest way to release the potential energy of your thanks into the less-restricted, non-physical, plane.

This is a faith building exercise too, because it reaffirms your faith in your abilities to improve yourself.

I have faith in you, and your time traveling abilities.

Bright Blessings to light your way through the increasing darkness.


Happy Mabon!

autumn mandalaFall is gaining momentum here.  I’ve been super busy with school (mine, and the kids) and the coolness of each night brushes my cheek like a sigh of relief.  So glad the cool of fall has reached us, this far South.

With all the hustle and bustle associated with this time of year, and the upcoming holidays, it’s difficult to find a moment’s peace.  In search of peace… I found this site: Kasha’s Mandalas.  Kasha makes her own seasonally attuned mandalas.  Her Autumn Mandala is my Mabon gift to You!  It’s nice to take a minute and gaze into the circle of dancing dark and light.

Please visit her page.  She has many beauties to see.  Check out the Spider Mandala, too!  I was temped to include it here, but then what would I bait you with? ;)

May you find balance between work and pleasure this Autumnal Equinox.

Found a beautiful site. . .

This site is arranged most artistically.  A great breadth of information, easily accessible, with a ‘bookshelf’ contents page.

Hope you like it as much as I do.

Oh and… today is a special day! On August 13th Hecate is honored in Greece, for her storm aspect. Offerings would be left at the Crossroads ( honey cakes, mushrooms, black dogs) hoping to appease her so she wouldn’t bring crop destroying storms.

Happy Hecate Day!