Blood Magic: A Blood Ritual

Blood magic is the act of using blood as a tool when making a protection amulet, performing a ritual, casting a spell, binding,  hexing or cursing.  In this series we will discuss possible pros and cons about the use of blood in each instance.

But before we get to the good stuff let me just say, PHYSICAL ailments, like HIV and other blood-born illnesses are real.  I strongly urge all magical practitioners to use only their own blood, and only collect the blood by medically sanitary means.  For women, it’s easy to catch the menses blood and use it in place of any of the cut blood in any of the examples given.  Menses blood is the most powerful and most intimate of all.  For men it is difficult to give blood and involves greater dangers in the way of blood-born illnesses and diseases because men must be pierced or cut open.

On the SPIRITUAL side of things let me just say that blood includes your life essence.  The bond of blood can backfire. Using blood binds you to the intent and outcome of the magic work, in the spiritual sense.  Blood magic can be eternal and forever through lives and deaths and time upon time.  Be careful with it.  Forever is an immeasurable amount of time.


I’m sure that somewhere at some time a real blood ritual was worked for harm.  I’m equally sure that the person or people who worked that ill-willed ritual received the brunt of the harm.  They bound themselves to the harmful, therefore they experienced the majority of it.  Of course, any spell, ritual or thought can be turned to harm.

There are beneficial, and healthy, blood rituals too.  Once a month I perform a simple blood ritual.  There are no circles, no incantations, no candles or frolicking about in the dark of night.  I catch the menses blood in my ecofriendly washable pad.  I wash the pad in cold water before tossing it in the laundry. Then I take the nutrient rich blood-water outside and give it to my rose.  It works like fertilizer.  The miniature blooms get bright red blood-spots on them and the coral of their petals practically glows.  When the rose is dormant my houseplants split the nutritive drink and get some of the vitamins they are missing.  It is a ritual because I do it over and over again.  That’s what a ritual is, something you repeat over and over again.

Blood is the most ancient sacrifice.  Blood is your life-water.  Give your blood to the purpose of a ritual by gathering your menses, or by piercing your elemental corresponding finger and dripping a single drop of blood to each element, each of the cardinal directions, when you cast your circle.

Blood magic is a lasting connection so the effects and results are long lasting.  Sacrifice a few drops to build a circle and sacrifice a few more to give thanks when it’s time to take down the circle.  One drop for each direction will do it.  Your essence will be bound to the purpose of the ritual no matter what it is.  You gave your blood to the cardinal elements and or directions as payment for their participation in your ritual.

No animals or people were harmed.  Your fingers may be sore for a day or two but that’s it!  That’s it.  The demystified version of a blood ritual.  Healthy and safe blood rituals are not worth all that bad press after all.

May the mother bless you and keep you safe.

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