Blood Magic: Binding

Blood magick is the act of using blood as a tool when making a protection amulet, performing a ritual, casting a spell, binding,  hexing or cursing.  In this series we will discuss possible pros and cons about the use of blood in each instance.

But before we get to the good stuff let me just say, PHYSICAL ailments, like HIV and other blood-born illnesses are real.  I strongly urge all magickal practitioners to use only their own blood, and only collect the blood by medically sanitary means.  For women, it’s easy to catch the menses blood and use it in place of any of the cut blood in any of the examples given.  Menses blood is the most powerful and most intimate of all.  For men it is difficult to give blood and involves greater dangers in the way of blood-born illnesses and diseases because he must be cut open.

On the SPIRITUAL side of things let me just say that blood includes your life essence.  The bond of blood can backfire. Using blood binds you to the intent and outcome of the magick work, in the spiritual sense.  Blood magick can be eternal and forever through lives and deaths and time upon time.  Be careful with it.  Forever is an immeasurable amount of time.


There are two types of blood binding: blood brother binding and couple binding.

Blood Brother bindings are common.  A few drops of blood from two individuals are mixed together to symbolize the mixing of destinies.  The blood is then redistributed between the two involved.  The slicing of the hand then the handshake mix and redistribute the blood without the use of a receptacle.  These rituals are worded to specifically prevent the permanence of the eternal couple bonding.

Marriage ceremonies are a type of blood brother binding.  The mixing of the blood was the public version of the private sex act that consecrated the marriage. There is a carryover in modern law that states a marriage may be annulled without consequence if it was never consecrated.   The early Christian church replaced any participant blood with the blood of Christ but the words “’till death do us part” remain.  It was stated that the two who desired union were only permitted to remain together in this life but belonged to Christ eternally.  The words spoken during the binding ritual are so very important!  Your intent is to be bound to this person for this life until your spirit leaves your body.   A blood brother, or sister, is a partner for life, specifically this one, and this one only.

To bind oneself to someone for all of eternity is a HUGE decision.  Truthfully, I advise against any such bond.  As our spirits manifest in new bodies over eons of time our spirit grows and changes.  There are infinite possibilities and binding yourself for eternity, to anyone, reduces the scope of your future lives.

Partnerships aid in growth and change.  I know my partner and I have both grown and changed together.  We learn from each other and help each other in every situation we face.  We are stronger because of each other and beside each other.  I know that we are meant to be together in this lifetime.  I do not know if we are meant to spend the next lifetime, or the one after that together.  I’m sure I’ll find out, but I just don’t know.  So we are not eternally bound.

The nearest comparison to a blood bond that I can think of, in modern times, is the Mormon Celestial marriage.  In a Mormon Celestial ceremony the couple is bound together in the temple before the eyes of their god for all eternity:  their vows are unbreakable, even by death.  The forever family is a result of this vow.  The couple will be bound for all eternity to one another.

A blood bond can do this.  If you choose to perform this kind of binding you must have the consent and participation of a willing partner.  If your partner is coerced in any way the blood they shared with you will carry a secret curse.  The blood taken from one who does not wish it is potent in many ways.  Firstly, you have committed a crime that is punishable by law.  Secondly, the blood carries the life essence and will of the person it came from.  If you intermingle your life essence and will with that of an unwilling participant who wishes you harm in any secret compartment of their heart you have opened yourself up to the depths of their wrath.

I hope you are seriously considering the consequences of performing an eternal blood bonding ritual.

If you are still intent on performing this ritual and your partner is too, go ahead.  It is much like a hand-fasting ceremony.   With friends and family present for protection and to aid in the power of your bond draw a square with corners aligned to the cardinal directions on the floor with chalk.  Cast your circle inside the square.  This is called and Earth Square.

Pierce your left ring finger and drip seven (magic # unifying the mortal and spiritual realms) drops of blood into a sterile container.  Your partner should do the same.  Mix the blood up with both of your cut fingers.  Touch your partner with the bloody finger on the third eye, heart and navel.  Allow your partner to do the same to you.  Say any words of your own design to convey the power of the bond to each other.  Open the circle.  You and your partner are now eternally bound with no chance of ever, ever, ever breaking the bond.  You have been eternally bound to your partner forever.  I know I sound redundant but I want to drive the immensity of this binding home.  Forever is forever, not even a time comprehensible by our collective unconscious because humanity has only been on the scene for a second in the grand scheme of things.

This knowledge is powerful.  It comes with a powerful responsibility, too.

Blessed Be.


15 thoughts on “Blood Magic: Binding

  1. I have a question and even though it’s probably an in my face obvious answer, what does it mean to “open the circle?” And my other question, you are supposed to stand inside the circle, correct? If so is it the center of the larger circle?

    • Ok. ? #1 Opening the circle is moving counter clockwise, giving thanks to the deities, spirits, elements that you called when you closed the circle. ? #2 Nope, the couples-circle is centered at the top of the guest-circle, similar to a bride and groom in a single isle temple or church wedding. If you view the post on a computer you can see a picture of the suggested layout. Sometimes the pictures are lost when viewed on ereaders, tablets, and phones. Although a centered couples-circle, within the guest-circle, would provide layers of support and protection for the couple. I suppose either arrangement would work!

  2. I noticed that Hopeful mentioned the choice of becoming a “star soul”. I guess I may be a little naive, but what is that? Is it like a guardian angel?

    And, by the way, thank you for writing this post. It has shed a light on something for me. You have helped me tremendously, more than you know.

    • You are not naive, simply learning more and more, at your own pace, on your life path. Star souls are unique people who believe or know themselves to not belong on Earth. They find the atmosphere thick and constricting like they are too much spirit to be held in their corporeal bodies on our tiny island planet. They belong with the stars. See more about star people here:

  3. I know this may sound ridiculous but can you bind yourself to a family member for all eternity so that you may always have that family bond? I know this may sound a tad bit idiotic but to me my family is more important than any lover could ever be. Especially my mother. My father was never there for me but my mother has always been there in my life. She’s always been my protector and I don’t think I can face my other lives without her in them. I’m terrified that my other family won’t love me as much as this one honestly does. So is there anyway that I can bind myself to my mother’s side of the family for all eternity? I don’t care about the consequences just so long as I can stay with them forever.

    • Hi Hopeful,
      Good news, you are already bound to your mother! Through birth she bled in the magic act of creating, that bound the two of you to one another forever. You are bound to her beyond her death and beyond yours into the future for (at least) six generations. If you are adopted you are still bound to her for (at least) six generations. The first time a mother kisses a babies scraped knee, cut lip, or other minor bloody “boo-boo” the child and she are bound together by blood. You are bound to her family of protectors and you are safe. Not just now but far into the future. I’m not saying you won’t have bad days or weeks because you will. I am saying your mothers family is with you and will be with you through any struggle you face.
      Reincarnation does not adhere to a rigid schedule so people repeatedly end up in the mix with the same other souls. Blood magic cannot guarantee your place in future lives. Binding yourself to your mother does not mean she will be there to protect you in a future life. She would be there, yes, but maybe as your daughter or son or sister or brother or friend or enemy… Reincarnation is a choice and you decide when to go back and what to face to grow spiritually. In these future lives you will carry the same soul you carry now and the bond to your mother will still be present. A blood binding is not necessary. She has cradled your soul and her love will remain. Chin up, this hardship will pass, you’ve made it this far.
      Big hugs, EMD

        • That’s a good question. I have not found the answer. I imagine you could chose to be born to your mother again if she also chose to give birth to you again when she decided her next life. If you both agree to this plan, in this life, it may happen. But neither you, nor your mother, have all your soul’s knowledge at your fingertips right now. You and she only know what this life has taught you.

      • So even if you bound yourself to your lover they wouldn’t be your lover in the next life? They would just have a place in your next life? Then why do it at all?

        • A soul mate is described by as “a person with whom one has a strong affinity.” Because two people are soul mates does not mean they are sexual partners. Soul mates are not always lovers. There is no way to guarantee your blood bound lover will be your lover again in the next life. They will be there, definitely, but maybe not in the way of a lover. That’s part of the reason why I advise against an eternity marriage. It can complicate lives and stunt the soul’s growth by restricting the new influences and learning opportunities in those future lives. It’s difficult for people (in general) to think in the scope of lifetimes. Most people are hard-pressed to think beyond their next birthday! I only know one person who is bound to their soul mate. They enjoyed a brief period of ecstasy together but then one died. The other, the remaining soul, seems like half a person in many ways. It’s been eleven years and the suffering has not ceased. In all my life I would never wish that suffering on anyone, especially a soul mate. That’s why I am not bound eternally to anyone, nor will I ever be. I wrote this post to demystify some of the secrets of blood magic and to explain the implications of two types of blood binding, that’s it!

      • Still if there’s a way to decide what a soul will be in your next lifetime, rather it stunts your souls growth or not, is fine with me. I honestly don’t wish for my soul to grow because once it reaches the end of that growth it leaves the physical plan. As for me, myself, I would rather stay here on Earth forever. I have heard that once your soul reaches the end of it’s journey on this plane you can request to have your soul renewed and come back to this plane as a star soul. Which is honestly something that I would very much like to do, if I must grow.

        • Well bless your soul! How ever much you grow, or if you stay the same, feel free to come back here anytime! ~ EMD

    • Ella, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I enjoyed your post too but don’t know how to leave comments on tumblr. Blessings

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