Gemini Gemstones! Part 2

dendritic agate
Dendritic Agate.

Dendritic, an agate, vibrates to the number three.  It’s a translucent to milky stone with orange to red-brown to black structures contained within.  It helps to see where you came from so you can know where you’re going.  It’s provides perspective to the carrier and helps them understand why they are where they are in life.   It opens and activates the chakras to one’s higher consciousness.  It encourages happiness and ease on your walk through this life.


Erythrosiderite is a tightly clustered red, orange, and sometimes pink, crystal.  This Gemini, Aries, Aquarius and Libra crystal vibrates to the number nine.  It amplifies magnetism, increases stamina when undertaking strenuous activities. and can be protective against sprains and strains.



Faujasite is a clear or white crystal.  Sometimes it takes on the color of surrounding crystals and appears as a lighter shade of its neighbor.  It is a Gemini, and Aries stone that vibrates to the number two.  It is a perceptive stone that can aid communication by removing the superlative.  In other words it cuts through small talk!  Transparent faujasite can help induce a psychic state and can be used to look inward for answers.  It can also aid in weight-loss and help curb allergies.

Libyan Desert Glass.

Glass, naturally formed, vibrates to the numbers four and six. Also known as Lechatelierite, it can be found anywhere lightning strikes, as volcanic glass, sometimes in meteorite craters, in the Libyan Desert, or on Tasmania as Darwin Glass.  Its more than just regular glass though – it’s fused quartz.  This is a leadership crystal.  It can help boost intuition in business, spiritual matters, and intuitive learning.  It can promote communication in groups and help groups achieve their goals.  It is a Gemini and Virgo stone.