Post it Note Tuesday :: Witchy Wisdom


This is not a replacement for medical advice.  If you need to see a Medical Professional by all means -GO!  Use this brew in addition to any other cold medicine and or Professional Medical advice.

Magical properties commonly attributed to cinnamon are: increased spirituality, overall healing, increasing psychic powers, for protection, to manifest love and to gain knowledge.

The magical Healing properties of cinnamon that have been verified by the medical community include: soothing sore throats and coughs, banishing indigestion, stomach cramps, intestinal spasms, nausea, and flatulence, stimulating appetite, and treating diarrhea. Cinnamon also slows the growth of yeasts and bacterias, helps reduce inflammation, helps lower blood sugars, keeps the heart healthy, and lowers  bad cholesterol.  Cinnamon is amazing!

Honey can aid in a myriad of magical ways.  It is generally associated with youth, fertility, health, and prosperity.  It is the essence of abundance and adds and extra pop to most magical dishes (especially drinks and desserts)!

Some of the magical Healing properties of honey that have been verified by the medical community include: quicker healing when dressing wounds, ingesting to shed water weight, clear lymph nodes and balance the lymph fluids, dry out the sinuses and increase circulation, aid the healing of ulcers, reducing stomach and upper gi tract complaints, sooth the throat, and reduce allergies (only local honey, the closer the better).

So mix it up and stay healthy this winter!  ~EMD